Yukon gov’t not shopping votes with propagandize supplies, apportion says

April 20, 2016 - School Supplies

Yukon preparation apportion Doug Graham is fortifying his government’s preference to buy school reserve for Yukon students this fall — expected within weeks of a territorial election.

“I theory a timing could be deliberate a small suspect, though it unequivocally is something that propagandize councils have [wanted],” Graham said.

“Over a years, propagandize councils have asked for it, and it only happened to come adult during this time.”

The supervision was penetrating to prominence a plan when it expelled a territorial bill progressing this month.

“We are going to take some highlight and aria off any primogenitor in a Yukon by creation a initial day of propagandize a small bit easier,” Premier Darrell Pasloski pronounced in his bill speech.

The thought is to yield propagandize councils with $100 per student, to buy supplies such as pencils and backpacks — “a elementary package that everybody contingency have,” according to Graham.

Doug Graham

‘It’s something a propagandize councils themselves has asked for over a years,’ pronounced Education Minister Doug Graham about a new funding. (Steve Hossack/CBC)

The NDP were discerning to pounce after a bill came out, comparing the $520,000 propagandize supplies plan to “Harper-style vote-buying tactics.

“Yukon families will see this pre-election welfare for what it is,” NDP personality Liz Hanson pronounced in a statement.

Bringing students to an ‘equitable level’

Graham dismisses a NDP line, observant it’s not a elementary handout. 

“We unequivocally trust that if any tyro has all of a reserve indispensable during a commencement of a year, it will take the vigour off a parents, as good as a children who demeanour around and see others with full set of crayons or pencils,” Graham said.

“It will move everybody to an equal, estimable level.”

He pronounced propagandize councils will be given a appropriation directly, “and within certain parameters, [be] allowed to do with it what they consider is essential for a students in their school.”

The sum have nonetheless to be worked out, though Graham creates one thing clear — any tyro will get a same, regardless of what their relatives could afford. Any arrange of “needs assessment” would be roughly impossible, he said. 

“This way, it’s satisfactory to everyone,” he said.

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