Youth accept giveaway backpacks, propagandize reserve and haircuts by Canton program

August 30, 2015 - School Supplies


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CANTON — Ben P. Dion and his twin 8-year-old daughters left a Canton United Methodist Church on Sunday with a span of new backpacks and dual cosmetic bags filled with notebooks, crayons, glue sticks, colored folders and other propagandize supplies.

“This is awesome,” Mr. Dion told his girls. “We have all we need for third grade.”

The Dions, city of Hermon, were among 79 families who were supposing giveaway propagandize reserve by a annual back-to-school module sponsored by a Canton Church Community Program in partnership with a Canton Neighborhood Center.

Organizers estimated that reserve were given to some-more than 200 students in preschool by 12th grade.

The nonprofit group provides food, a preservation emporium and other services to low-income families in Canton, DeKalb, Hermon, Russell, Clare and Rensselaer Falls.

Also accessible to families were toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss donated by internal dentists.

Several relatives pronounced removing their children prepared for a new propagandize year is an costly aria on their budgets and they appreciated a assistance.

“This helps a lot,” pronounced Mary Elizabeth Friot, a DeKalb mother.

Her 3 children, ages 8, 9 and 11, attend St. James Elementary School, Gouverneur, where Mrs. Friot works as a teacher.

Besides propagandize supplies, some children and teenagers went home with a uninformed haircut, a giveaway use that was combined to a module final year. The state Department of Health compulsory that all of a children be checked for conduct lice before receiving a haircut.

Equipped with scissors and clippers, 4 area hairstylists set adult in a church’s groundwork and donated their skills and time.

“It’s only really rewarding to see a smiles on a kids’ faces. Some have never had a genuine haircut,” pronounced Noelle H. Bardeschewski-Fountain, owners of Midtown Hair.

She was assimilated by dual other Midtown stylists, Tanya Holmes and Jennifer Moore, and Michele Hurlbut, owners of Michele’s Hair Gallerie, Lisbon.

Patricia M. Sibbitts, module coordinator, pronounced she is ardent about a back-to-school project.

She remarkable that many propagandize districts now ask families to send in reserve that were before supposing by a school, such as tissues, disinfecting wipes and palm sanitizer.

“The lists used to be many some-more basic,” pronounced Mrs. Sibbitts, a late Canton Central School teacher. “I like to see a children start out on a right foot, on an even personification field.”

This year, a module was awarded a $2,000 United Methodist Women Program Grant by a church’s Upper New York Conference.

ACCO Brands Inc., Ogdensburg, donated binders and a Salvation Army supposing 150 backpacks.

Supplies also were donated by private people and members of a 6 Canton churches that make adult a Church Community Program: United Methodist, Unitarian Universalist, Grace Episcopal, St. Mary’s Catholic, First Presbyterian and Seventh-day Adventist.

Last year, 103 families perceived back-to-school supplies, a high boost over a 66 served in 2013, Mrs. Sibbitts said.

Leacy M. Dupre, Canton Neighborhood Center director, pronounced teaming adult with a Church Community Program is an fit approach to assistance a many people.

“We’re means to do a lot some-more together and we’re not duplicating services,” she said.

Raymond E. Crosby, Church Community Program director, pronounced a plan fills a good need.

“We don’t only give out food. We assistance lives, and it’s a good thing,” he said.

Mr. Dion pronounced he was beholden that assistance was accessible for his daughters, Avery L., and Aubrey K., as they conduct behind this week to start a new propagandize year during Hermon-DeKalb Central School.

“We’re really sanctified to have good people assistance us out,” he said.

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