Young Scholars students to send propagandize reserve to Puerto Rico

December 21, 2017 - School Supplies

About 3 months after Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, liberation efforts are solemnly relocating forward. A organisation of students during Young Scholars Charter School, led by a sixth-grader with ties to a country, has motionless to chip in.

In a issue of a Category 5 whirly that broken a energy grid of a island and caused a charitable crisis, Melissa Landrau-Vega attempted for some-more than 17 hours to strech her relatives during her childhood home in Carolina, a city only southeast of San Juan.

She eventually connected with them on a landline and found out that they were protected and their home was intact. Most weren’t so lucky.

For days, Landrau-Vega watched news reports that reliable only how propitious her relatives were. The early images that came behind from a island showed widespread extinction and a reports delivered a news that Puerto Ricans would be though energy for an opposite series of days.

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That’s when her 11-year-old daughter, Raquel, incited to her and said, “but what about a kids, Mommy?”

It wasn’t a initial time Raquel Rodriguez-Landrau suspicion of a effects healthy disasters have on children. In a issue of Hurricane Harvey’s extinction in Texas, Raquel collected income during a back-to-school eventuality and donated it to a Texas diaper bank.

“She’s been doing this form of collecting for about 6 years,” Landrau-Vega said. “Each year on her birthday, instead of collecting gifts, she collects things for opposite organizations, though since we’re Puerto Rican, after Maria she unequivocally wanted to assistance a kids.”

Raquel’s strange suspicion was to send Halloween candy, though after she satisfied that some schools mislaid everything, she motionless to send propagandize reserve instead.

Over a subsequent few months, she collected simple propagandize supplies, such as pencils, notebooks and crayons, donated by relatives and students during Young Scholars. On Tuesday, 10 students stayed after propagandize to fill about 125 caring packages that any contained a handwritten note in Spanish wishing a Puerto Rican tyro well.

The personal hold led to Raquel fixing a beginning “Notes for Smiles.”

“I desired this suspicion immediately and we suspicion this was a good event from mixed angles,” Levent Kaya, principal of Young Scholars, said. “This is partial of a goal and we are a giving community, a caring community. We are grateful for all we have in a U.S. and we are so happy to extend a assistance to others.”

When a packages strech Puerto Rico, they will be distributed by a substructure called A La Mano por Puerto Rico, or Hands for Puerto Rico. The substructure enlists a assistance of veteran and inhabitant athletes to discharge assist packages to people in need. Puerto Rican inhabitant volleyball group member Shirley Ferrer will be doing a placement of a Notes for Smiles packages.

“The beauty of this plan is that it’s entrance from children. And carrying records of wish and loyalty can let a children of Puerto Rico see and review that people are meditative about them,” Landrau-Vega said. “I’m so unapproachable of her enterprise to give children something to grin about, something to feel certain about even if it’s only with a few propagandize supplies. And only like a pretension of a plan says, we wish a children can smile.”

The subsequent jump for a plan is lifting income for shipping, that is approaching to cost some-more than $200. Any particular meddlesome in assisting can do so by job a Young Scholars Charter School during 237-9727.

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