Yoobi Launches Eye&Catching School Supplies With A Social Mission

November 22, 2014 - School Supplies

Remember a fun of back-to-school shopping, when we got to batch adult on Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers, Five Star notebooks, and jelly pens? Kids don’t demeanour brazen to that late-August outing to Office Max anymore, according to Ido Leffler. He fondly recalls his childhood propagandize selling trips, though says his daughters don’t get vehement about aggregation crisp, new supplies. “I remember being so smitten by propagandize reserve when we was doing my back-to-school shopping;it was an sparkling adventure,” he told Fast Company. “When we took my daughters down a aisle they ran past it though even looking left or right.”

What would have been an uninspiring outing for many people gave Leffler, a owner of a Yes To healthy beauty brand, an idea: Yoobi.

“Yoobi is a coolest, many innovative, fun, dynamic, colorful propagandize reserve line on a planet,” he explained.

School reserve can usually get so exciting, and not all of Yoobi’s products differ too many from a customary pens, notepads, and paper. But to Leffler’s credit, Yoobi puts some fun twists on customary propagandize supplies. The line’s pencil case, for example, is a hairy cylindrical enclosure lonesome in an blast of soothing nubbins. It comes in splendid colors like purple and chartreuse. In addition, a push-pins and paper clips come in an collection of colors and shapes, such as pinkish hearts and splendid yellow donut holes. Even a reduction sparkling items, such as notebooks and pens, are accessible in shades of pink, purple, yellow, and blue. Everything retails for reduction than $10 at Target, their disdainful distributor, starting today.

Ido Leffler

Kids seem to like a stuff. A Fast Company editor gave her daughter a splendid yellow-green pencil case, and a four-year-old couldn’t wait to things it with pens and pencils. Leffler pronounced he’s tested it with groups of kids, including his own, who all desired a products. “I’m wearing a Yoobi T-shirt this morning and we literally walked into my residence and my daughters were like Yoobi, Yoobi, Yoobi, Yoobi—that’s all they can say,” Leffler said.

But a many particular and potentially interesting thing about Yoobi is that for any object purchased, a association donates an object to a classroom pack, that when filled will be sent to a U.S. propagandize in need. Because of a miss of funding, 99.5% of open propagandize teachers spend their possess income on propagandize supplies, enlightening materials, or classroom materials, according to a new NSSEA study. On average, they spend roughly $500 each. “That is a normal teacher; we listened of some teachers spending adult to $3,000,” combined Leffler. “That’s crazy on a teacher’s salary.” And, of course, a teachers who opt to siphon off reduction of their paychecks for stocked supply closets have empty classrooms.

Together with a Kids in Need Foundation, Yoobi has identified K-3 schools in that during slightest 70% of a students validate for a inhabitant propagandize lunch program, a metric by that Yoobi has selected to establish need. Each classroom container contains 900 items, adequate to final a category of about 30 kids an whole year. The reserve are Yoobi branded, though not a accurate products sole during Target. Kids don’t need jumbo highlighters as many as they need pencils. The customary container will enclose pens, pencils, glue sticks, rulers, folders, scissors, glue bottles, pencil cases, crayons, colored pencils, and markers. Yoobi hopes to strech some-more than 30,000 classrooms by 2015, giving divided pens, pencils, notebooks, and other training collection to 750,000 kids nationwide.

While that competence sound desirous for a mint startup, Leffler has cumulative pivotal partnerships that should assistance him accommodate his goal. A seasoned businessman with a renouned Yes To line of products, he used his already extant attribute with Target to get a line in stores nationwide. The large box store creates ideal clarity for Yoobi’s education-related cause. Target already has education initiatives, and caters to business who wish to support socially unwavering brands. “We have a smashing tradesman in Target, that resolutely believes in a means and what we’re doing,” combined Leffler.

In a epoch of amicable entrepreneurship, a buy-one, give-one indication is about some-more than do-gooding; it’s savvy branding. When faced with a choice of purchasing a pencil from an established, just-for-profits company, or one from a visitor with a amicable mission, many consumers will select a latter. Hence a success of a Warby Parkers and Toms of a world, that have identical business models as Yoobi for eyeglasses and shoes, respectively.

The Toms BOGO indication has been criticized for not indeed assisting people. And Yoobi, during a finish of a day, is a business. The propagandize donations get Yoobi products directly into a hands of a consumer base: propagandize kids and their parents. Plus, a amicable angle will attract buyers who wish to feel good about a products they choose.

But that’s what creates Yoobi an sparkling new code in a sleepy space. “Everything that we do, from a merchandising to a give, is some-more fun,” says Leffler.

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