Wealthy Park Slope School Donates Supplies to Brownsville’s P.S. 446

November 6, 2015 - School Supplies

P.S. 321 on a initial day of school.

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PARK SLOPE — A propagandize where a PTA takes in some-more than $1 million a year is pity some of a good happening with a needy propagandize in another neighborhood.

P.S. 321 on Seventh Avenue and First Street recently donated 204 boxes of new propagandize reserve to P.S. 446 in Brownsville, pronounced P.S. 446 principal Meghan Dunn.

Dunn pronounced she jumped during a event when P.S. 321 principal Liz Phillips suggested a thought of P.S. 321 relatives lending a assisting palm to P.S. 446.

“Liz reached out to me observant this was something her relatives and village wanted to do,” Dunn said. “I pronounced it sounded great. [P.S. 321] relatives unequivocally wanted to make certain they were contributing behind to a Brooklyn village during large.”

Fourth- and fifth-grade relatives during P.S. 321 sequence classroom reserve for their propagandize from an online vendor, and this year relatives had a choice to chuck in an additional $20 to buy a box of reserve for P.S. 446. Parents donated adequate for 204 boxes, or 70 percent of P.S. 446’s tyro body, according to P.S. 321 leaders.

P.S. 321’s PTA declined to criticism on a donation.

Dunn pronounced her teachers were “ecstatic” when a lorry installed with reserve pulled adult 3 days before propagandize started. The donated products enclosed “anything that kids and teachers need” from notebooks to loose-leaf paper to crayons. The boxes even contained dual favorite reserve for teachers — tissues and paper towels, Dunn said.

“They were only unequivocally grateful for a support,” Dunn pronounced of P.S. 446 teachers. “It’s unequivocally good for teachers to feel like they have a tie to other schools.”

Teachers during P.S. 446 mostly spend their possess income on reserve and compensate out of their possess pockets for books or margin trips they consider their students would like, Dunn said. The losses supplement adult quickly. Dunn pronounced her teachers any spend about $300 or $400 a year on those costs.

Though they’re in opposite neighborhoods, P.S. 446 and P.S. 321 have a story of operative together. The dual schools are “learning partners,” that means they combine and share ideas about what works and doesn’t in their schools.

Schools chancellor Carmen Fariña recently forked to such resource-sharing as one approach to residence disparities in income and competition between schools.

The differences are sheer between P.S. 446 and P.S. 321.

At a Brownsville school, 87 percent of students come from households vital in poverty, according to a Department of Education. The DOE measures misery formed on possibly a tyro qualifies for possibly giveaway or reduced cost lunch or qualifies for open advantages such as food stamps. At P.S. 321, 7.5 percent of students live in poverty.

In a 2014-15 propagandize year, P.S. 446’s tyro physique was 77 percent black, 17 percent Latino and 1 percent white, according to a DOE. P.S. 321 was 75 percent white, 8 percent Latino and 5 percent black.

P.S. 446 is a Title 1 school, that means it qualifies for sovereign supports to urge educational opening among a many low-income students. P.S 321 was once a Title 1 school, though it has altered dramatically as Park Slope has turn wealthier. The P.S. 321 PTA took in $1,089,929 in income in a 2012-13 propagandize year, a final duration for that open annals were available.

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