WATCH: Just buy a (bleeping) propagandize supplies, says NJ comedian in viral video

September 5, 2017 - School Supplies

Caution: Video contains pithy language

Whatever a clergyman wants — pencils, a yellow binder, a red binder, a x-ray or even some home furnishings — Dena Blizzard is prepared to buy. 

You see she’s not one of those relatives who will dispute about a infrequently downright list of propagandize reserve teachers emanate for a entrance year. Oh no, she buys, and buys well. 

“It is a finish of August,” Blizzard says in a video posted to her Facebook page and other amicable media channels. “I will give we anything to take my kids.” 

The Moorestown comedian and former Miss New Jersey final went viral in 2016 with “Chardonnay Go,” her take on a Pokemon Go disturb in that she retrieved (and downed) eyeglasses of chardonnay from suburban lawns and kitchens. That video now claims scarcely 24 million views on Facebook. This new back-to-school video, posted on Aug 25, already has 23 million views. 

“These teachers have been creation skeleton to learn your kids and you’re all angry about some pencils? Some pencils?!” an dubious Blizzard says in a video, distracted by what appears to be a Target store. “Are we teasing me?? Do we know how most we would compensate them only to get my kids outta my face?”  

Blizzard, a mom of three, speedy her fans to tab a clergyman when pity her video, though also to cuddle a teacher. 

The Burlington county comedian creates what she calls “inappropriate” videos about parenting underneath a name “One Funny Mother.” She does not reason behind in a propagandize selling video as she hurls some teenager pithy denunciation during a topic, swigging from a tiny bottle while hilariously criticizing relatives who would slight teachers who are peaceful to spend hours training their children, and bombard out income from their possess pockets for supplies. 

Blizzard, who was in a using final year to try-out as Kelly Ripa’s co-host on “Live!” has a theatre uncover called “One Funny Mother” that premiered off Broadway that she had taken on a road. She also frequently hosts “Tipsy Tuesday” live videos (at 9 p.m.) on her Facebook page.  

Blizzard, Miss New Jersey 1995, will lapse to host a Miss America rough competition, as she’s finished annually, from Wednesday by Friday during Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. She’ll also be during a Atlantic City Seafood Festival, where she’ll be personification a boardgame she created (“for booze lovers, moms and other shameless people”) that was desirous by her Chardonnay Go video during 3 p.m. on Sept. 9 and 2:30 p.m. on Sept. 10.  

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