Volunteer opportunities: Plan forward to assistance collect propagandize supplies

March 20, 2017 - School Supplies

Agency: United Way of Douglas County

Contact: Sarah Pierrelee during Vista@unitedwaydgco.org or during 843-6626, ext. 375

The United Way of Douglas County brings village resources together to support a improved life for residents by focusing on improvements in health, preparation and financial stability. The United Way is looking for groups of volunteers meddlesome in creation an impact on educational needs of internal propagandize children by formulation now to adopt one of a collection sites for a annual propagandize reserve expostulate designed for Jul 22-23 and 29-30. Collected reserve will advantage a Ballard Community Center, ECKAN, The Salvation Army, and Penn House, who yield giveaway propagandize reserve to subordinate families in Douglas County. This is a good event for business groups, county groups, book clubs, groups of friends or families. Volunteers will also be indispensable to arrange collected reserve and container a reserve into backpacks after a collection drive. Schedule your organisation now before summer calendars get busy. For some-more information, greatfully hit Sarah Pierrelee during Vista@unitedwaydgco.org or during 843-6626, ext. 375.

Help a city

The City of Lawrence Solid Waste Division needs volunteers this Thursday and Friday to support with a compost and woodchips sale during 1420 E. 11th St. Tasks embody operative a front embankment and aiding customers. Standing is required. Work a full change from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and accept lunch. Three-hour shifts are also available. To pointer adult for a proffer shift, greatfully email recycling@lawrenceks.org or call 832-3030.

Help immature activists

Enjoy operative with girl ages 12-18? Love a outdoors? If so, this is a proffer event for you. Sunrise Project is looking for a proffer Project Leader for SunRISE Young Activists (SYA) Summer 17, a module of Sunrise Project. The Project Leader will work alongside girl scheming campsites for Girl Scouts programming. Responsibilities embody assisting girl get to know one another, providing superintendence via a project, and portion as a indicate of hit for both Hidden Valley Camp and Sunrise Project. The plan takes place 9 a.m. to noon Jun 5 by 9. Hidden Valley Camp staff will yield all collection as good as a bulletin for any day of a project. Please hit Melissa Freiburger during programs@sunriseprojectks.org for some-more information.

Help prep for a garden

Just Food and a partners quarrel craving in a village by augmenting a accessibility of a accumulation of dishes while shortening rubbish from rejected food. Just Food is looking for volunteers with tillers who can assistance get a garden tilled and prepared for a lifted beds to be commissioned in a North Lawrence garden! For some-more information, greatfully hit Aundrea Shafer during programs@justfoodks.org.

Help folks stay in their homes

Community Village of Lawrence helps neighbors sojourn in their homes as they age by formulating a network of support to make aging during home a long-term, affordable option. Community Village Lawrence is looking for volunteers peaceful to support CVL members with elementary domicile tasks, to embody services such as laundry, light housekeeping, organizing, and/or simple handyman services. Volunteers can set their possess report and respond to requests on an as-needed basis. Please hit Sheilah Tackett during info@communityvillagelawrence.org.

— For some-more proffer opportunities, greatfully hit Shelly Hornbaker during a United Way Roger Hill Volunteer Center during 843-6626, ext. 301; during volunteer@unitedwaydgco.org; or go to volunteerdouglascounty.org.

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