Volunteer Opportunities: Lawrence propagandize supply expostulate seeks help

June 22, 2015 - School Supplies

Agency: United Way of Douglas County

Contact: Hernan Nieto during maracana69@hotmail.com or during 424-3540

Help supply Douglas County students for propagandize by staffing a United Way propagandize reserve expostulate on Jul 18 and Jul 25. All donations will stay in Douglas County and be distributed to clients of inner agencies including Ballard Community Center, ECKAN, Penn House, and a Salvation Army. Two-hour shifts during Office Depot and both of a area Wal-Mart stores are permitted from 10 a.m.-noon, noon-2 p.m., and 2-4 p.m. on Jul 18 and on Jul 25. To pointer adult to volunteer, go to www.volunteerdouglascounty.org.

• United Way is seeking AmeriCorps members to offer full-time for one year in several Douglas County horde sites starting Aug. 3. Members offer in possibly United Way’s health goal, assisting people urge their health or United Way’s confidence goal, assisting people find employment. AmeriCorps advantages embody monthly vital contribution of approximately $900, health insurance, child care, tyro loan moratorium and an preparation endowment of $5,730 after execution of service. Openings are permitted during Lawrence Community Shelter, Willow Domestic Violence Center, Salvation Army, Lawrence Douglas County Health Department, and Heartland Community Health Center. If interested, greatfully send a resume to Linda Brandenburger, during AmeriCorps@unitedwaydgco.org or call during 865-5030, ext. 356.

• Douglas County Senior Services Inc., is committed to compelling peculiarity of life for comparison citizens. Volunteers are indispensable to expostulate one of DCSS’s designated dish smoothness routes in Lawrence to broach lunchtime meals. Routes customarily take reduction than an hour to complete. Lawrence routes are run between 11 a.m. and noon Monday by Friday. Volunteers might select a solid one day a week assignment or broach a track on several opposite days. Volunteers will use their possess vehicles, and in sequence to assistance defray gas expenses, a payment of $0.45 per mile is offering to proffer drivers for miles driven on their dish smoothness route(s) in their personal vehicles. For some-more information, greatfully hit Chip McConnell during cmcconnell@dgcoseniorservices.org or during 842-0543.

• Heartland Community Health Center offers accessible, continual and merciful health caring to safeguard that all needs are met regardless of income. Heartland Community Health Center is looking for a detail-oriented chairman prepared to work alongside Heartland’s medical staff to classify and conduct electronic medical records. Volunteers need to have elementary mechanism skills and peaceful to offer during slightest 8 hours a week. For some-more information greatfully email rhartford@heartlandhealth.org or call 841-7297.

• The Lawrence-Douglas County Housing Authority’s categorical design is to be good stewards of a housing programs it is charged with handling and administering. Lawrence-Douglas County Housing Authority would energetically take on a detail-oriented proffer to support with inner filing and other elementary ecclesiastic duties such as mail smoothness to a inner open housing complex. Please hit Eric Sader during esader@ldcha.org or during 842-2246.

• Big Brothers Big Sisters of Douglas County provides one-to-one relations for children confronting adversity. Are we looking to make a disproportion in a life of a immature child in a community? Big Brothers Big Sisters is looking for a masculine coach to spend time with a 6-year-old child on a watchful list. This immature male is friendly, effusive and enjoys spending time outdoors. He is meddlesome in cooking, personification games and doing humanities and crafts. If we have a few hours a week to make a disproportion in his life, call Big Brothers Big Sisters currently during 843-7359. Learn some-more about apropos a coach during a BBBS Information Session hold each Tuesday during 5:15 p.m. and each Wednesday during noon.

— For some-more proffer opportunities, greatfully hit Shelly Hornbaker during a United Way Roger Hill Volunteer Center during 865-5030, ext. 301 or during volunteer@unitedwaydgco.org or go to www.volunteerdouglascounty.org.

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