United Way collecting propagandize reserve for kids in need

June 25, 2015 - School Supplies

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) Every year during a finish of summer, many kids go back-to-school selling for all a folders, pens, pencils, binders and glue sticks they could ever want.
Unfortunately, some students don’t have this luxury. United Way of Salt Lake is enlivening a village to “Stuff a Bus” and present propagandize reserve to assistance 8,500 children get a collection they need to learn.

Supplies will be collected now by Aug 31, afterwards pressed into backpacks and delivered to United Way Community Schools and Neighborhood Centers portion low-income children and families in a community. Hundreds of volunteers will things reserve into backpacks and broach them on Sep 10, 2015 during a organization’s 23rd annual Day of Caring event.

WHAT: Donate propagandize reserve to advantage low-income students in village propagandize neighborhoods

WHEN: Now by Aug 31, 2015

HOW: Visit uw.org/stb to pointer adult to reason your possess expostulate with family, friends or coworkers! Encourage those we adore to assistance we support kids going to behind to propagandize by entrance together to collect donations. If we don’t have time to conduct adult your possess drive, present to a United Way of Salt Lake by uw.org/stb and we’ll squeeze a reserve for you.

VOLUNTEER: Join United Way of Salt Lake and hundreds of volunteers things a propagandize reserve into behind packs and make deliveries on Sep 10 during a annual Day of Caring event.

Items on a propagandize train supply wish list:
Pencils, pens, turn notebooks, markers, crayons, slot folders, glue sticks, highlighters, and erasers

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