UB tyro creates non-profit to assistance primary propagandize children in Tanzania

March 30, 2015 - School Supplies

Tyler Choi founds Hugs for Tanzania after investigate abroad as a freshman


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Tyler Choi lifted over 2,000 propagandize reserve and $1,000 in donations. He finished 230 bags with propagandize reserve and gave them to a principal of a primary propagandize on his second outing to Tanzania.

One night in Tarime, Tanzania, Tyler Choi was carrying cooking with his associate UB investigate abroad students. He beheld his driver, Peter, was not authorised to lay during their table.

Peter was a local Tanzanian. Choi, a Korean-American, was deliberate of a aloft class.

Choi picked adult his picture and went to lay during Peter’s table.


/ Courtesy of Tyler Choi​


Tyler Choi, a sophomore domestic scholarship major, is a creator of Hugs for Tanzania, a nonprofit classification that has donated propagandize reserve and other contributions to primary schools in Tanzania.

Choi, a sophomore domestic scholarship major, is a creator of Helping You Grow Stronger (Hugs) for Tanzania, a nonprofit classification that “envisions a universe where people can act on their blessings and gifts,” Choi said. Choi is a executive of a authorised bend of Hugs in a Buffalo area. The goal of Hugs is to not customarily assistance urge a vital conditions of people in Tanzania, yet also to commission a girl in a United States by formulating certain tellurian change, Choi said.

“There’s a observant that goes, ‘In lapse for their friendship, we wish to share their stories so that they wouldn’t be lost from this world,’” Choi said.

Choi is doing customarily that with Hugs for Tanzania.

Choi went to Tanzania for a initial time by a UB Study Abroad module in Jan 2014.

Getting off a craft in Tanzania, he didn’t know what to expect. He had customarily seen a realities of building nations in documentaries.

One day, Choi saw dual 3-year-old children attractive H2O for their family.

Choi watched them smiling and shouting as they played in a dirty water. This picture stayed with him.

In a panorama of Tarime, a district in East Africa, a tallest building is customarily 4 stories high. All a other buildings are finished out of mud. Children travel around a city with no boots – Choi could see a mud on their hands and feet.

Even a food and H2O in Tanzania were dangerous.

Choi and a other UB students weren’t authorised to eat fruits and vegetables unless they were baked and couldn’t splash H2O unless it came from a hermetic bottle.

Memories of Peter, a children attractive filthy H2O and a dangerous food finished Choi wish to return, yet he wouldn’t come behind with nothing. .

Outlining his mission

The initial thing Choi did when he came to Buffalo after his investigate abroad outing was tell his friends, family and UB expertise members about Peter’s story.

Peter was a 32-year-old male who belonged to a clan where a marrying age was 18. But to get married, a husband contingency sell a cow for a wife.

Peter did not have a income to squeeze a cow since he was ancillary his younger siblings’ education. He never went to high propagandize and became a motorist so that his siblings could go to propagandize instead.

Choi wanted to assistance people like Peter get behind into propagandize – that’s when he initial suspicion about formulating Hugs.

In a open of 2014, Choi met Joel Bervell, a sophomore during Yale University. Bervell had started his possess nonprofit, Hugs for Ghana, when he was a beginner in high school. The module has lifted thousands of dollars over a past 6 years.

Choi hoped to do a same for Tanzania.

“Children travel miles and miles to get H2O and don’t know when their subsequent dish is going to be,” Choi said. “They can’t means to go to propagandize and it’s customarily about 6 U.S. dollars a year.”

Last spring, during Dodge Elementary School in Williamsville, while operative with a Just for Kids afterschool program, students asked Choi what he wanted to be when he grows up. But he didn’t know how to explain a United Nations to a category of second graders.

So, he told them a story about a children he met in Tanzania.

“I told them, ‘I have friends vital in Africa and they are a lot like you,’” Choi said. “‘But they don’t know when their subsequent dish will be and can’t go to school. Your relatives give we breakfast and we can play on a playground. we wish to give my friends a possibility to live like you.’”

Immediately, second-grade hands went adult in a atmosphere seeking what they could do to help.

At that moment, Choi satisfied a children had intensity to help.

Their fad desirous Choi to follow by with Hugs for Tanzania.

The lapse to Tanzania

On a Monday night final October, Choi had a panic attack.

He wasn’t certain if he could lift Hugs off and was fearful to defect all a people counting on him.

But with a support of his friends and a memory of Peter to beam him, Choi finished a plan.

He motionless to start with assisting a primary propagandize he visited on his initial outing to Tanzania.

He finished a promotional video and people donated 2,000 equipment of propagandize supplies. He lifted some-more than $1,000 that went to shipping a reserve to a school.

Choi was “fascinated by how fast a stars aligned.”

He finished 230 particular bags with pencils, pens, a highlighter, eraser and snacks. He packaged it in a container and on his second outing to Tanzania, he gave it to a principal of a facile school.

“Being in Tanzania and saying them get so vehement over common bland equipment we can get from any drug store was a humbling experience,” pronounced Allen Liu, a comparison domestic scholarship and authorised studies major.

Liu went to Tanzania this past winter with Choi and skeleton to go behind to assistance more, even yet he is graduating this semester.

“What Tyler is doing is amazing,” Liu said. “He didn’t go to Europe to see a attractions yet instead went to Africa and it impacted him so heavily.”

The demeanour on a children’s faces as they perceived a propagandize reserve certain Choi that his dream had finally come true.

Life in Korea and Seattle

Choi never illusory he’d start something as large as Hugs when he initial changed to a United States.

Choi was innate in Korea and came to a United States when he was 3 years old. His relatives changed behind to Korea when Choi was in second grade. Then, during his youth year of high school, his relatives changed to Seattle, Washington.

After being in Korea for 10 years, he was shocked of a suspicion of bettering to a new culture.

In Korea, classes went from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and he spent many of a propagandize day in math and scholarship classes. Then, after a propagandize day ended, Choi went to preparation sessions, withdrawal him roughly no time to see his family.

When he changed to Seattle, classes finished during 2 p.m.

He was introduced to propagandize dances, classes outward of math and scholarship and a leisure to find his passion – eventually operative for a United Nations.

But with all his newfound giveaway time, Choi couldn’t customarily lay behind and relax.

“When we step out of your comfort zone, so most will occur to we that we would never expect,” Choi said.

Choi was concerned in theater, choir, was on a float team, participated in village use clubs and took on tyro care clubs.

Choi even ran for propagandize executive elections. Neither he nor his family suspicion he would win, yet he came out on top.

“Tyler doesn’t start things he won’t finish, that is customarily never and when he does start something it’s finished unusually well,” pronounced Mckenzie Cantlon, a sophomore domestic scholarship vital and crony of Choi’s.

After graduating high school, Choi motionless to go to a “other side of a country” for college.

Choi is now a hospitality chair for a pre-law fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta. He was in a Glee bar final division and still tries to find ways to sing and perform.

Looking to a future

The propagandize reserve expostulate was customarily a initial step for Hugs. The subsequent step is a medical expostulate for a summer of 2016.

Choi was an AIDS teacher compelling HIV and AIDS recognition in a Seattle propagandize district during high school.

He skeleton to take this knowledge to Tanzania. Because of a augmenting HIV widespread in Tanzania – about 1.6 million people there are vital with AIDS – he wants to supply Tanzanians with simple passionate health reserve and preparation about STD impediment methods.

In a meantime, Choi and Liu highlight that college students can help.

“It’s critical for colleges to take on these missions since schools have geared a era in a certain direction,” Choi said. “It army us to consider there are customarily certain majors or preparation systems that lead we to success.”

Choi pronounced it’s not customarily adults or prepared people who can assistance those in need.

“I wish to tell people that they don’t need a crazy background, an violent volume of talent or a whole lot of income to share, enthuse and commission reduction fortunate,” Choi said.

Choi emphasizes that operative with Hugs also helps commission students in a United States as they work to emanate certain change.

And it’s easy to do so, according to Choi and Liu.

Liu pronounced students should go by their dorms and bedrooms and present equipment they no longer need.

“A coop with no ink will be used to a finish in Tanzania,” Liu said.

Cantlon has never been to Tanzania yet has watched Hugs grow over a past year.

“Even yet a classification is still during a belligerent level, it has already finished an implausible impact,” Cantlon said. “I know for a fact that Hugs for Tanzania will be brought to new heights and be means to assistance children all over Tanzania and other tools of a world.”

Cantlon pronounced she hopes to revisit Tanzania some day.

“This classification is a illustration of things that many of us have taken for postulated … These resources can make a disproportion to others,” Cantlon said.

Being in Tanzania simplified what Choi wants to do for a rest of his life. He always wanted to work in a tellurian margin and be a partial of a United Nations. After this year’s trip, all he can consider about is what’s next.

After graduation, Choi hopes to attend Georgetown School of Foreign Service. He wants to feed his “adventurous” essence and find a story in each building nation.

As for short-term, Choi hopes that since of Hugs for Tanzania, he can shortly tell his crony Peter that he can go behind to school.

Gabriela Julia is a comparison facilities editor and can be reached at gabriela.julia@ubspectrum.com

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