Tom Patton surprises teachers and students who mislaid reserve in classroom flood

January 16, 2018 - School Supplies

HOPEWELL, Va. — A Hopewell clergyman and her students recently mislaid their propagandize reserve when pipes detonate inside their classroom during Harry E. James Elementary School.

Kindergarten clergyman Kristen Gore mislaid all her training reserve and even some personal equipment inside a shop-worn classroom.

While word should cover some of a expenses, CBS 6 meteorologist Tom Patton knew he wanted to assistance when he listened about a news.

In a latest book of CBS 6 Gives, Patton, with a assistance of Union Bank and Trust, done a special smoothness to a category of Ms. Gore.

“We went selling and got we a garland of propagandize reserve for we to suffer and hopefully use,” pronounced Patton. “Just in box we forgot something, we got we a unequivocally good present label for Staples… we can emporium and figure out what we need.”

“Oh my God…. Thank you,” pronounced Ms. Gore.

“We’re unequivocally contemptible and happy we can do something to assistance we guys out,” pronounced Patton.

CBS 6 Gives is probable due to a partnership with Union Bank and Trust.

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