Texas 4-H’ers present propagandize reserve to Louisiana inundate victims

November 14, 2016 - School Supplies

  • School reserve from a Texas Panhandle were unloaded by, from left to right, Misti Ivins, Texas AM AgriLife Extension Service deputy from Moore County, and Louisiana State University students Cole Daniels, Xavier Bell, Austin Terrell and Jamie Granier.



AMARILLO – The inundate waters have receded in Louisiana, though a needs haven’t, and Texas Panhandle 4-H’ers are responding a call for propagandize supplies.

 Louisiana 4-H put out a call in Aug to all a southern counterparts, saying, “many school-aged girl were in a midst of formulation for their propagandize year when a flooding occurred,” and have given spent time cleaning their homes and rebuilding their lives.

Dr. Toby Lepley, partner state executive for Texas 4-H Youth Development in College Station, pronounced Texas 4-H’ers have come together to assistance those affected.

Dr. Janet Fox, Louisiana State University dialect head, 4-H girl development, pronounced she is humbled to know that Extension staff, 4-H’ers and 4-H volunteers from opposite a state of Texas have come together to assistance in their time of need.

“Let me extend my frank interjection to a Texas colleagues, 4-H members and 4-H volunteers for your support during a flood,” Fox said. “The escape of support for a Louisiana 4-H girl is unequivocally most appreciated. As girl are carrying to understanding with being displaced, separate propagandize schedules and accessibility of propagandize supplies, Texas AM AgriLife 4-H programs have determined a call and have given unselfishly.”

Lepley pronounced support for a Louisiana inundate victims by a collection of propagandize reserve has enclosed 1,787 girl and adult workers contributing 1,483 proffer hours to collect $4,379 in donations and caring packages valued during some-more than $5,500. He said 375 vast bundles have been collected for conveyance so far. The plan will finish Oct. 31.

Some of that collection has already done a approach to Louisiana. As a partial of their One Day 4-H plan this year, a counties of Hemphill, Gray, Armstrong, Moore, Donley and Ochiltree in a Texas Panhandle began entertainment propagandize supplies, removing donations from 4-H families and ancillary stores.

Texas 4-H, that is administrated by a Texas AM AgriLife Extension Service, distinguished One Day 4-H on Oct. 8.

Carolyn Prill-Bennett, AgriLife Extension family and consumer sciences representative in Moore County, pronounced while a counties were blissful to make a propagandize supply expostulate a partial of their One Day 4-H efforts, they were not awaiting a $200 shipping cost it would have taken for any county to boat a reserve to Louisiana.

“Nobody had unequivocally factored that cost into a process,” she said.

That’s when Misti Ivins, a secretary in a AgriLife Extension bureau in Moore County who has family in Louisiana, volunteered to make a trip. She left Oct. 16 to make a roughly 850-mile one-way outing to Baton Rouge to broach a collected equipment from a Texas Panhandle.

Ivins pronounced she had dictated to only bucket a reserve from all 5 counties in her vehicle, though it wouldn’t all fit, so she installed it adult in a 4-H program’s enclosed trailer.

“I was only going to put it in my pickup with shrink-wrapped boxes,” Ivins said. “When we got it all loaded, it was only piled too high; we couldn’t go like that. So we took a trailer.”

She pronounced a 1,200 pounds of propagandize reserve enclosed binders, backpacks, cover paper, pens, pencils, glue sticks, crayons, library books, peep cards, pencil boxes, folders, spirals, protractors, math workbooks – “everything we would see on your child’s propagandize supply list.” There were also equipment for a teachers – tape, scissors, markers, paper clips, stickers and most more. And there was roughly $500 in income donations.

“I don’t know if anybody unequivocally realizes how large of an impact this small plan makes,” Ivins pronounced from Louisiana.

She pronounced many people mislaid their jobs when a buildings went underneath water. Houses and vehicles were underwater, jobs were gone, there was no income to buy propagandize supplies, and even Walmart was underwater, so unequivocally there weren’t any reserve to be bought.

“The schools down here, some are still gutted with mold in them. They’ve mislaid whole libraries of books…their desks…very small was salvageable. It happened right during a time kids were ostensible to start school.

“They started several weeks late and in many cases they started behind in make-shift propagandize houses with no reserve for a teachers or students. we wish people could see a impact of what this village use plan does. It helps get those kids behind on lane and going again.

“This only creates my essence happy,” she said.


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