Teens charged after hidden $250k in propagandize supplies

August 13, 2015 - School Supplies

EAST BERNARD, Texas – Weeks before propagandize starts, dual students are already in large trouble. They’re indicted of hidden some-more than 100 iPads and laptops from a propagandize campus in Wharton County.

Deputies pronounced these teenagers attempted to sell one of a laptops, yet a man they were anticipating would buy it – incited them in.

The some-more intolerable thing to come out, deputies pronounced a teenagers were inside this propagandize for 4 hours.

“Thought it was really really sad, it was harmful for a propagandize and for a kids,” pronounced Fate Breedlove, a parent.

For a tiny city of East Bernard, a spoliation was a large blow.

“Everything here revolves around a school… when football starts here it’s Friday night lights here in Texas,” pronounced Breedlove.

However, before propagandize even started Wharton County investigators pronounced a dual teenagers got bored.

“All these backpacks we see here are congested full of iPads and laptops,” pronounced Sgt. Joe Ray Joines, with a Wharton County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies pronounced a 15 and 16-year-old pennyless into East Bernard High School, center and facile schools. They’re indicted of hidden some-more than 100 computers and also a high propagandize jersey of stream Houston Texans actor Shane Lechler.

“Mom and daddy only weren’t examination tighten adequate we guess,” pronounced Virginia Breedlove, a grandmother.

When their cinema were posted on a Wharton County Sheriff’s Facebook page, even yet they were wearing masks, a city started talking.

“We listened from teachers, former teachers, stream teachers, a principals, students,” pronounced Joines.

Deputies pronounced one of them is even a tyro during a school. Local relatives wish these kids to know their forward uproar harm some-more than only a school.

“Your hidden from everybody’s pockets, it comes out of all us, all a taxpayers,” pronounced a parent.

The teenagers are charged with burglary, burglary and rapist effect yet their names are not being expelled since they are juveniles, deputies said.

School leaders consider they got all back, yet pronounced they are now deliberation adding confidence alarms.

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