Teen Pays It 4ward to crony who raises thousands for APS propagandize supplies

December 11, 2015 - School Supplies

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Tessa Mentus, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Picture a 17-year-old boy. There are substantially a few images and scenarios that come to mind. But we substantially didn’t suppose a immature male featured in this book of Pay It 4ward.

This child done a outrageous joining to assistance hundreds of kids via a metro, and a usually approach we could Pay It 4ward to him was given another teen responded “yes” to a content message.

Joseph Leyva and his friend, Ansely Emeanuwa demeanour and sound like your standard teens, and a whole reason you’re assembly them sounds like a standard day in a life of a teen too.

“He texted me and said, ‘hey, given we have a automobile now, given don’t we collect me adult and take me to this place and we can hang out?'” Joseph recalled.

But he was in for utterly a warn when he went to collect adult Ansely.

“I expostulate adult and he’s got this bucket of uninformed flowers and this thing, and we only bucket adult my automobile as most as humanly possible,” he said.

What did Ansely have adult his sleeve? He and Joseph headed for Albuquerque’s Railyard Market, and unresolved out incited into offered those flowers.

With a income they made, Ansely bought propagandize reserve for kids who can’t means them. Looking back, Joseph says he should have famous that would happen, generally given Ansely combined a propagandize supply expostulate 6 years earlier.

In a 6 years since, Ansely donated $32,000 value of propagandize reserve to APS and $10,000 value only this year.

“I nominated we for a Pay It 4ward thing given of all a charities and stuff,” Joseph told Ansely.

“Oh my God, appreciate we so most buddy,” he replied, anxious with only a recognition.

Then he non-stop a pouch that contained $400.

“Are we teasing me? we can finally repair my phone!” Ansely said.

So how did a child who was only in center propagandize during a time confirm to step adult and tackle a problem?

“I even had a severe time with not carrying adequate propagandize supplies,” Ansely said. “It kept flourishing and growing…and it keeps removing bigger.”

Ansely is a comparison this year during Del Norte High School. He hopes someone will continue what he’s started, given he has bigger dreams, that he hopes creates others’ dreams come true.

“My passion is to assistance people,” Ansely said. “My career is mechanism science. we indeed wish to emanate record that will assistance people in third-world countries.”

Ansely pronounced he will use a $400 to assistance repair his sister’s phone.

If you’d like to commission someone for Pay It 4ward, click here.

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