Teen Closet offers reserve for GBHS students

March 6, 2018 - School Supplies

Most people simply go to a store when they run out of something. For others, however, it is not that simple. Especially if we are a teen with singular resources and support.
So when Great Bend High School staff saw some of their students with unmet needs, they motionless to do something about it.
The teen closet was born.
“The closet is filled with personal-hygiene products that are permitted to anyone with a need,” pronounced Andrea Stalcup, clergyman and Student Council sponsor. “We commend a problems some students have in securing indispensable hygiene products.”
StuCo stocked a teen closet about a year ago with apparatus donated by a foe between advisory classes. Since then, a high propagandize superintendence staff has confirmed it with assistance from Future Educators of America bar members.
“The First United Methodist Church and Barton County Young Professionals have both helped batch a closet and are peaceful to assistance do some-more drives for us as needed,” Stalcup said.
“As a teacher, we wish to enthuse students to demeanour during a world, see a problem and assistance be partial of a solution,” she said. “This is a ideal instance of students doing usually that.
“On interest of everybody that has assisted with this project, we unequivocally wish this closet is a protected place students can go to get a reserve they need to assistance them be successful,” Stalcup said.
“We commend a significance of assembly students’ simple needs. We do not wish to see students descending behind or avoiding entrance to propagandize since they are self-conscious.
“As of now, it sounds like besides referrals from counselors, there is not a lot of traffic,” Stalcup said. “We are brainstorming on how to make it improved famous and some-more permitted to a students.”
She noted, “it is watchful since it is in a superintendence bureau and they usually have to tell (Kay Burns, secretary) they are removing some items.”
Stalcup pronounced students would like to see a closet enhance to embody clothing, boots and coats. Other ideas embody permitting students to have entrance to sporting apparatus like kneepads, shin guards and ankle braces.
“We also would adore to eventually have an area where students can get propagandize supplies,” she said. “We could see carrying anniversary drives via a year with propagandize reserve during a commencement of year and a cloak expostulate after in a fall.
“There has already been such a certain response from a tyro body, propagandize and community,” she said. “We would adore to see this judgment of students assisting students widespread and turn foul not usually in a propagandize though in other schools as well.”

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