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May 26, 2016 - School Supplies


Lauren Odom of a Newnan/Coweta Boys and Girls Clubs displays propagandize reserve on a club’s wish list donated by Mu Chapter, Delta Kappa Gamma members.

School reserve are on a year-round wish list during a Newnan/Coweta Boys and Girls Clubs.

Many of a equipment on that list were donated recently to a classification by Mu Chapter of a Delta Kappa Gamma Society International. Lauren Odom, executive executive of a internal Boys and Girls Club, supposed a propagandize reserve to accommodate a needs of a children served by a organization, that has a prophesy of ensuring that children being served stay on lane to connoisseur on time, live healthy lifestyles, and give behind to their community.

Chapter member Peggy Covey delivered a equipment following a Apr 28 meeting.

Providing equipment for a internal Boys and Girls Club has been a Mu Chapter plan during a Apr assembly for several years. Last April, a organisation supposing a vast accumulation of games to assistance accommodate a bar idea to broach after propagandize and summer programs that emanate happy and healthy children.

Mu Chapter is a veteran classification of women educators that supports value in education.

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