Teacher Supply Depot’s monthly propagandize reserve giveaway set for Thursday

April 16, 2017 - School Supplies

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A propagandize reserve giveaway for Duval County Public School teachers will be hold Thursday from 3 to 6 p.m. The giveaways are a monthly eventuality hold during a Teacher Supply Depot.

The Teacher Supply Depot is a room of reusable materials donated by businesses and village members. These materials are distributed giveaway to open propagandize teachers to raise instruction in their classroom and foster tyro achievement.

Most of a equipment donated to a Teacher Supply Depot were unfailing for a landfill. Instead of adding to a county’s plain rubbish ordering difficulties, these materials now finish adult as artistic tyro projects and innovative training aids. 

Items embody art, office, paper and scholarship supplies; tyro incentives; overruns; punch-outs; finish cuts and many other open-ended materials.

Since a initial opening in Sep 1996, some-more than 1,400 contributors have donated over $64 million of supplies. 

By a finish of a 2015-2016 propagandize year, a Teacher Supply Depot conducted 235 giveaway days logging over 66,600 teacher, principal and PTA boss visits.

The Teacher Supply Depot enjoys extensive support from a business community, volunteers, a media and a many other people who are contributors. 

The plan is a corner bid between a Duval County Public Schools Warehousing Division and a Duval County Council of PTAs/PTSAs.

For some-more information on donating or volunteering call a Teacher Supply Depot during 904-381-7480.

Only DCPS employees or PTA presidents might shop, and a DCPS ID is compulsory for entry.

Click here for destiny giveaway dates and sum on how to present supplies. 

The Teacher Supply Depot is located during 3108 Lenox Ave.

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