Teacher Supply Depot provides educators with indispensable propagandize supplies

October 30, 2016 - School Supplies

Hundreds of Knox County teachers spent Saturday morning picking adult some much-needed propagandize reserve Saturday during a Teacher Supply Depot.

Teachers picked adult Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations for their classrooms as good as binders, papers, pencils, and other indispensable supplies.

Organizers contend they typically see 250-500 teachers during any event.

The warehouse, located during 709 North Cedar Bluff Road behind Cedar Bluff Preschool, is full of donated new and used classroom materials that are giveaway for teachers, assistants, and other propagandize personnel. The giveaway is hold 4 times a year from 7 a.m. until noon.

Teacher Supply Depot dates

Saturday, Aug 6, 2016
Saturday, Oct 29, 2016
Saturday, Jan 21, 2017
Saturday, Apr 1, 2017

If we would like to minister reserve or materials to a Depot, greatfully hit a Teacher Supply Depot during (865) 470-0750.

Supply Wish List 

Art Paper Manila File Folders (letter size)

Art Supplies Modeling Clay
Art Tissue Paper Note Pads
Board Erasers (dry erase) Notebook Paper
Bulletin Board Materials Number Line Desk Tapes
Calculators Overhead Markers
Children’s Music (tapes/records/books) Paper Clips (all sizes)
Clear Tape Pencils (number 2)
Clipboards Permanent Markers
Color Copy Paper Play-Dough
Color Card Stock Paper Poster Board
Colored Pencils Post-it Notes (all kinds)
Coloring Markers (all sizes) Protractors
Compasses Red Pencils Pens
Construction Paper Reward/Incentive Items
Crayons (all sizes) Rubber Bands
Dividers Rug Samples
D’Nealian ABC Desk Tapes Rugs
Dry Erase Boards (all sizes) Rulers
Dry Erase Markers School/Pencil Boxes
Elmer’s Glue Scissors (round pointed)
Erasers for Pencils Scotch Tape Dispensers
Erasers (large pink) Sharpie Pens
First Start Writing Paper Simple Calculators
Games (for all skills) Spiral Notebooks
Glue (assorted distance bottles) Staples
Glue Sticks Staplers
Highlighters (all colors sizes) Stickers
Hole Punches Tempera Paint
Holiday Decorations Theme/Composition Books
Index Cards Wallpaper Books
Ink Pens Watercolor Paint Sets
Labels (all sizes) White-out
Large Writing Tablets Workbooks
Left-hand Scissors Xerox Paper
Magazines (Time, National
Geographic, etc.) Also: Furnishings such as chairs, tables, etc.

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