Survey: 57% of Parents Use Smartphones to Shop for School Supplies

July 25, 2016 - School Supplies

BELOIT, Wis., July 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ —, a assets apparatus for millions of online understanding hunters, announced formula of a annual Back-to-School Survey (*Survata), that reveals 9 in 10 relatives devise to spend a same or some-more than final year when selling for back-to-school items. More than half of relatives pronounced they will emporium for back-to-school needs online contra in-store, and 4 in 10 pronounced lowest cost is a many critical cause when selling propagandize supplies. Nearly two-thirds of relatives pronounced back-to-school prices are best in Jul and August, though some-more than 2 in 10 pronounced prices are best after propagandize starts. Most notably, 70% of relatives pronounced they now buy more, or most, K-12 propagandize reserve compared to years past due to augmenting bill cuts during their children’s schools.

Key Survey Results:

  • Up from 2015, 91% of relatives will spend a same or some-more on their children’s propagandize needs this year, and 52% will buy back-to-school equipment online (11% from sell web sites, 13% from understanding and banking sites and 28% from online marketplace sites like Amazon and eBay).
  • More than half of relatives (57%) will use their smartphones to emporium for behind to school, 32% will make mobile purchases, while 25% will use their smartphones to usually investigate and review prices.
  • 4 in 10 pronounced “lowest price” is a many critical cause when selling propagandize supplies, 26% pronounced “product quality” was many important, 18% pronounced “wide selection” and 15% pronounced “available discounts and coupons.”
  • Nearly two-thirds of relatives said back-to-school prices are best in Aug (42%) and Jul (22%), while some-more than 2 in 10 (21%) pronounced a best back-to-school deals occur after propagandize starts.
  • Compared to past years, 70% of relatives said they now buy more, or most, of propagandize reserve (40% pronounced they now buy “a small some-more supplies” and 30% pronounced they now buy a “majority of propagandize supplies”).
  • 28% of relatives will buy new laptops and/or smartphones this year for their children, while usually 20% of relatives pronounced schools do not supply some form of laptops or tablets in a classroom (32% pronounced they’re granted in all grades).

2016 Back to School Shopping Survey reports parents' spending habits and concerns - around

2016 Back to School Shopping Survey reports parents’ spending habits and concerns – around

FatWallet has launched a Back to School selling guide that aggregates hundreds of a best deals for propagandize supplies, kids wardrobe and tyro mechanism needs from dozens of tip retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, Dell, Microsoft, Office Depot and Verizon. The understanding site will also yield extensive resources to assistance relatives find a biggest back-to-school assets opportunities, including a 2016 Tax Holiday schedule, a extensive laptop selling guide, 2016 tyro discounts guide, 2016 clergyman discounts beam and a special Twitter Chat eventuality on July 27 that will bond relatives from opposite a country. “Families are feeling a splash of holding on some-more propagandize supply expenses, so each assets event can be a windfall,” settled Brent Shelton, online selling consultant with FatWallet. “The group during FatWallet is focused on providing intelligent resources to assistance relatives oldster out these opportunities so they can fast make a good purchasing decisions.”

See FULL RESULTS of 2016 Back-to-School Shopping Survey, including an INFOGRAPHIC and selling function and concerns for relatives formulation to squeeze laptops and smartphones for their kids.

Back to School Shopping Resources:

About: FatWallet is a intelligent apparatus for millions of online and mobile shoppers to find and share thousands of stream coupons and deals from some-more than 2,000 retailers, like Kohl’s, Amazon, Walmart and Ebay. The much-celebrated FatWallet forums paint a beat of an elaborating online and mobile marketplace where a savviest understanding hunters in a universe accumulate to share and learn about ways to save income on bland needs, wants and personal financial decisions.

*This consult was consecrated by FatWallet and conducted online by Survata. Survata interviewed 1001 American adults with children in propagandize (K-12) in July 2016. Additional methodology can be found during

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