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March 18, 2015 - School Supplies

ECM_shipping container

The shipping enclosure arrives to be loaded.
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Uganda (MNN) — A 40-foot shipping enclosure is on a approach to Uganda to denote “Afayo.” Afayo means “He cares” in Lusoga and is a concentration of missionaries with Every Child Ministries (ECM) portion among a Naigobya community.

The Afayo Project uses encampment schools as an entrance for reaching out to communities with a adore of Jesus. Through a school, missionaries strech out not usually to a teachers and students, though also to a church, a parents, a orphans, encampment leadership, and eventually a whole community.

“We’re flattering vehement about removing that things in a Naigobya community,” shares ECM’s Mark Luckey, as he helped bucket a enclosure with supplies.

“We’ve got a lot of things for a waif project: propagandize supplies, books, clothing, toys; things for a vocational program; medical supplies.”

Team Effort

The Hillcrest Christian Reformed Church in Hudsonville, Michigan, is assisting ECM accumulate and boat a supplies. Each organisation had attempted unsuccessfully for years to send propagandize reserve to a Afayo Project.


Helpers take register as boxes are prepared for shipping.
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“We had a brainstorm one day that if we put a heads together, partnered together, we could do this thing,” Luckey notes.

A Hudsonville propagandize also helped by donating a aged seat to Hillcrest and a Afayo Project.

“We’ve got propagandize desks and propagandize tables, chairs, and things like that; a lot of books to start a library,” says Luckey, adding that they’re also operative with SonSet Solutions (formerly a HCJB Global Technology Center).

ECM and Hillcrest are adding a solar-powered SonSet Radio to their shipping container, that will be set adult subsequent to purify H2O wells in a Naigobya community. Every time women and children come to fetch H2O during a well–a routine that mostly lasts during slightest 30 minutes, they can learn about Living Water.

“You can play Christian radio, we can play Christian music; we can play sermons,” Luckey explains.

Common Goals

ECM, Hillcrest CRC, and SonSet Solutions are teaming adult to grasp one common goal: reaching a Naigobya encampment for Christ.

“To move a container-load of propagandize reserve is a good thing to do and can be useful in a community, though it unequivocally is dull in a prolonged run,” explains Luckey.

“Really it’s about bringing a whole Gospel of Jesus.”


(Photo pleasantness of a Afayo Project around Facebook)

As ECM missionaries accommodate simple needs of a Naigobya by a Afayo Project, they benefit an event to share Christ.

“We can say, ‘Hey, this is good, though we’ve got something even improved for you,’” says Luckey.

Help accommodate some-more encampment needs by a Afayo Project here.

“We’re providing wish for today–meeting needs, assisting kids get an education–but also bringing them a bargain that Jesus loves them, God loves them; there is wish for perpetuity for them,” Luckey states.

Pray that a enclosure arrives safely in Uganda, and that a Gospel is clearly communicated by a Afayo Project.

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