Students acquire donated propagandize supplies

September 7, 2014 - School Supplies

MERRILLVILLE | Timing is everything.

Just as a propagandize year was starting, Merrillville Intermediate School perceived a benefaction of 400 box kits filled with propagandize reserve from Elim Christian Services of Orland Park, Ill.

Team Elim, underneath a organisation of Bob Stine, manager of Community Engagement, unloaded a lorry during MIS and filled a benefaction mount to a roof with a donated wet wipes, markers, crayons, scissors, rulesr, tissues, protractors, dry erase markers, colored pencils, pencils, calculators, pencil sharpeners, pencil boxes, highlighters, pens, glue sticks, erasers, notebooks and folders.

Elim has been fundraising, shopping reserve and fighting all annually for a past 5 years by a all-adult services module with comforts for 220 clients in Orland Park and Palos Heights, Ill.

All a deduction from Merrillville Schepel Buick/GMC’s 19th annual Custom Car Show in Jun went to Elim, and $10,000 was designated to go towards propagandize kits. Elim also sponsored some-more 50 group and women in a Chicago Triathlon on Aug. 24, both as people and send teams, and they lifted some-more than $75,000 to support a propagandize pack program.

These donations lifted adequate income to buy reserve for 4,500 propagandize supply kits that were donated to 12 schools and 4 village programs portion children in some of a Chicago area’s many under-resourced communities.

La’Toya Tyrone, mom to George, a fifth-grader during MIS, works during Elim Christian Services. She sensitive Elim that there is a need during her son’s propagandize for a supply kits, and a benefaction was arranged.

MIS Support Team members Michelle Rogowski, propagandize amicable worker, and Karen Jones, superintendence counselor, have been distributing a propagandize supply kits to students in need among a some-more than 1,000 fifth- and sixth-graders.

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