Stranger helps Oklahoma City clergyman compensate for propagandize supplies

April 3, 2017 - School Supplies

An Oklahoma City third-grade clergyman is beholden for a finish stranger.

Willa Barker, who teaches during Stand Watie Elementary School, was during an area Walmart shopping hula hoops and print house for a exam credentials practice when she perceived utterly a surprise.

“She came over behind me and said, ‘I wish to magnify you,’ and we was like, ‘OK,'” Barker said.

The woman, who Barker usually knows as Tina, paid for $80 value of reserve that Barker and her sister, who also is a teacher, were purchasing. Barker pronounced she had no words.

“I only could not respond,” she said. “I was flabbergasted. we was changed to tears, actually. Tina has unequivocally truly sanctified all of a third-graders for what she did. So we conclude her and all she did.

“She has no thought how inclusive this became.”

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