Son’s donated propagandize reserve deserted by Fredericton school, father says

October 31, 2017 - School Supplies

A father on amicable assistance whose son started Grade 3 with pencils and notebooks granted by a Fredericton food bank says a propagandize is hounding him to compensate $40 for radically the same reserve bought by his son’s teacher.

“We felt unequivocally bushwhacked — broke is a good approach to put it,” Kevin Sacobie said as he described how a propagandize has followed him and his mother for a $40 fee.

Fifteen of a 19 classroom teachers during Nashwaaksis Memorial School opted this year to buy paper, pens, phony pencils and notebooks to final their students a year, said principal Jackie Hay.

In turn, to cover their expenses, a teachers asked any tyro to move in $40.

​For Sacobie, this was $40 he didn’t have — for reserve his son did not need.  

“We had reserve since we took partial in a module offering during Greener Village — it’s a food bank here in a city,” he said.

“You fill out a list, and they indeed fill out that list for we of what your son or daughter is going to need for that year’s propagandize year,” he said. “They give we a trek full of propagandize reserve so that your son or daughter is prepared to go to school.”

In September, Sacobie’s son headed out a doorway for his initial day of Grade 3, his new satchel and reserve on his back.

“The clergyman sent them right behind with him during a finish of day and said, ‘Nope, you’re not authorised to move your possess propagandize supplies. You have to use ours, that are supposing here,” Sacobie said.

He shook his conduct during a memory of that day and pronounced his family shouldn’t have been subjected to a embarrassment, that has continued into a propagandize year.

Approached during school


The propagandize reserve a Fredericton food bank supposing to Sacobie’s son, Riley. (Maria Jose Burgos/CBC)

One day, as he dropped off income from his son’s stipend for a pyjama and pizza night during a school, the secretary asked Sacobie if he wanted her to put a income toward a superb change on tyro fees.

Then came an confront he’s still mad about.

Sacobie was during a propagandize to collect adult his son on a day students were removing out early.

‘And he indeed asked me this right in front of other relatives that were station around and a other kids as well.’ – Kevin Sacobie, parent

“I was watchful for him opposite a travel by a Chinese restaurant, ” he said.

“I had seen my son exit a propagandize and as he came opposite a propagandize yard and opposite a street, he had a partner principal entrance with him. And a partner principal came opposite a highway and approached me and began to start seeking (about) tyro fees that we were incompetent to come adult with as of yet. 

“And he indeed asked me this right in front of other relatives that were station around and a other kids as well. My mother was in a automobile with a baby. So we had to take it on myself to say, ‘Can we during slightest plead this divided from a throng so to speak?'”

The partner principal abandoned a request and asked Sacobie since he hadn’t paid a fee. He also asked Sacobie why, if he couldn’t means a price for supplies, he could give a propagandize income for his son’s extramural activities.”

“I told him that a income he used for his extramural activities was income that was his own,” Sacobie said. “That he saved adult for things like that, that comes up, so he can take partial in it. It’s his allowance.

Shaun Nixon, a crony of Kevin Sacobie’s, was one of a relatives who witnessed a encounter. He pronounced it astounded him.

“I was worried during a time since it was among a garland of people so we had to travel divided so he had his possess privacy,” Nixon said. “I didn’t consider that was unequivocally professional. He put him on a spot.

Nixon believes it could have been rubbed differently.

Shaun Nixon

Shaun Nixon was there with other relatives when a Nashwaaksis Memorial School partner principal approached his crony Kevin Sacobie to ask for a money. (Maria Jose Burgos/CBC)

“He substantially should have called him in his bureau and rubbed it one-on-one. There was a lot of people around and it shouldn’t have been rubbed with [Sacobie’s son] right there. That’s not unequivocally child stuff.”

$40 tough to come by

Sacobie pronounced he and his mother have attempted to find a few gangling dollars here and there, but it’s been difficult. They’re both on incapacity pensions and have a baby as well. 

Coming adult with an additional $40 isn’t as elementary as it sounds.

“If we don’t trust me we can uncover we my wallet,” he said.

“I have a family, we have a immature baby, we buy diapers, we buy milk, we know. I have to keep garments on my son’s behind and my baby’s back. Plus, I gotta keep food in a fridge, I gotta keep gas in a automobile to expostulate my son to propagandize since we don’t live in a section where there are buses. … There’s rent, we’re renting, so it all adds up.”

Explains to son

Sacobie takes heedfulness to assure anyone who asks that conjunction he nor his mother fume or drink.

His son knows that his pencils and other reserve from Greener Village weren’t supposed by a school. 

Fredericton propagandize hounding father of tyro for reserve he can’t afford1:21

“We told him we were perplexing to get a income together to get that paid off, so he didn’t have to worry about where his propagandize reserve were going to come from for a year. It’s not something a child should have to worry about.”

Sacobie has kept a deserted propagandize reserve in a closet in a family’s apartment.

School response

Hay pronounced she could not plead personal sum of a price dispute, citing remoteness concerns.

But in an email to CBC News, she supposing credentials on a issue. Four teachers during a propagandize opted to ask relatives to buy propagandize reserve from a list. 

The other 15 chose to buy a reserve themselves and assign a price to relatives since “they find they can get some-more reserve for a income as they are shopping in bulk rather than singular purchases.”

Supplies brought in by students can’t be supposed since teachers have already done a purchases and would have to cover a cost themselves otherwise.  

The use also safeguard that a child does not “stand out” by carrying opposite reserve from classmates.

Sacobie pronounced he doesn’t accept that explanation. He wants an reparation from a propagandize and he wants his son to be means to use a reserve that were donated to a family.

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