ShopSmart: The best place to emporium for School Supplies for Back to School time

August 6, 2015 - School Supplies

DENVER – Back to propagandize offered is in full pitch with many schools starting in a subsequent few weeks. The National Retail Federation estimates relatives will spend on normal $98 on propagandize reserve this year. With so many ads, sales and prices out there how do we know a best place to emporium for your kid’s propagandize supplies? It can be overwhelming, generally with new ads and sales entrance out any week.

I’ve finished a cost comparison of 24 propagandize reserve on my kid’s propagandize supply lists opposite internal Colorado stores including King Soopers, Safeway, Walmart, Target and Staples as good as and a formula are shown below. You can design to pay on normal around $40 – $60 for reserve per child for kindergarten by 5th grade, not including new backpacks or lunchboxes.

*Prices shown above were certified in stores and online on Aug 3, 2015. *Target pricing shown after giveaway $5 Gift Card when we spend $25 on propagandize supplies. Total though $5 Gift Card is $41.64. Select product territory pricing from and Staples subsequent from bulk packages.


Target won a cost comparison for these 24 products given of their sale prices on several propagandize reserve going on this week and a giveaway $5 Target Gift Card when we spend $25 on propagandize reserve by Aug. 8. Even though a present card, Target wins with a sum out of slot cost of $41.64. (See the Target flyer for all deals.)

Walmart and King Soopers are a 2nd and 3rd best places to emporium and come in about 16 – 18% aloft than Target (after a present card). Walmart cost matches, so if we move a Target ad with you, we can take advantage of a Target advertised sales during Walmart for a Sharpie markers, Expo pens and Elmer’s glue sticks 6 pack. King Soopers has a best coop and pencil pricing, with a 10 container of pencils for $.49 for a store code and a reward Ticonderoga pencils offered for $2.99 for a 24 pack. (See a Walmart flyer and the King Soopers flyer for all deals.)

Staples came in 41% aloft than Target, after a present label sum where we would spend $26 some-more for a same list. However, Staples does have a 110% price-match guarantee. So, if we move in an advertised cost that is cheaper than a Staples price, they will review a cost and give we another 10% off. While that sounds great, we unequivocally have to work for this understanding and take a time to uncover any and any cost review from an ad or your mobile phone to get a additional 10% back. Many of a in-store prices are not advertised during all. (See a sales advertised during Staples.)

While Safeway continues to dump prices in their store, a cost cuts haven’t utterly done it to a bureau and propagandize supplies. It’s probable they will have new and opposite sales in a arriving weeks to move these prices down, though if we are offered for propagandize reserve this week, we can design to compensate 35% some-more during Safeway for this list of propagandize reserve than during Target. You can always separate a list and collect adult Ziploc bags and disinfecting wipes during Safeway given those are a cheapest there.

If we devise to emporium online for propagandize reserve this year, we competence wish to skip Amazon as you’ll compensate a whopping 50% or $36 some-more if we were to buy this list of propagandize reserve on Amazon. This is due to Amazon’s pricing on singular sheet equipment like crayons and colored pencils, that are not rival in a least. Of course, if we are a clergyman and are offered for many students, it competence be value comparing on Amazon for a bulk or multi-pack pricing as some equipment competence be cheaper per territory when purchased in bulk.

Here are 4 tips to save time and income on propagandize supply shopping:

1. Shop off-peak hours and leave a small ones during home

The best time to emporium for propagandize reserve is initial thing in a morning or after 8 pm when store trade is light. Avoid offered during a rush times of 4:00 – 7:00 pm. and on a weekends when a stores are generally busy.

If we can, leave your younger kids (ages 4-8) during home. While it competence seem like a good thought to let Joey collect out his possess folders and notebooks, it creates for a longer and some-more costly routine in a end. School supply lists have on normal 25 specific equipment we are sport for. Plan to spend 45 mins to one hour only removing a supplies. You can always let a younger kids collect out a backback or lunchbox so they feel like they went behind to propagandize shopping. Older kids (like 9 and older) unequivocally suffer a behind to propagandize offered experience, though a good to set expectations forward of time about your bill so that we are on a same page with your child during a store.

2. Check out store brands.

While some propagandize supply lists are unequivocally specific about brands of markers or pencils, you’ll expected be scratching your conduct during a store when we see a disproportion in a store code vs. a reward code pricing. The biggest disproportion we found was in store code 3 ring binders, washable markers and multi-subject notebooks.

It’s probable a store code washable markers competence not final as long, though in some cases a cost disproportion was large adequate that we could buy dual packs of store code markers for a same as a reward code and feed your reserve in

the center of a year if necessary. The store brands of notebooks and binders seemed to be a same peculiarity as a reward brands, so there’s no need to compensate more.

3. Use record to review prices, cost review and get coupons before we shop

It pays to review prices before we shop. Use a tradesman websites to review prices, crop a weekly ads and if we devise to emporium around, emanate a offered list for any store before we go to a stores. The Denver Channel’s Shop Smart digital flyer hunt and comparison apparatus is indeed unequivocally available when comparing advertised sales. You can do it both online and from your mobile phone when we download a 7NEWS app.

You can cost review advertised sales during Target, Walmart, and Staples. Be certain to have a digital circulars prepared to uncover all a advertised sales we wish to cost review during checkout. Within a subsequent week, iPhone users will also be means to use a uGrocery app to review prices of propagandize reserve opposite a stores genuine time. Rather than regulating any store website, all products and pricing has been many-sided into a singular perspective where prices are allied opposite King Soopers, Safeway, Walmart and Target.

Check out a Target Cartwheel mobile app and the ibotta money behind remission app before we emporium for additional propagandize supply discounts. Both apps have dedicated “Back to School” sections with discounts and coupons for reserve like Sharpie and Expo markers. If offered during Walmart, be certain to use a Walmart Savings Catcher app to get any competitors advertised prices automatically installed to a Walmart e-gift card.

Be certain to shave Target in-ad banking for a giveaway $5 Target Gift Card when we spend $25 on propagandize supplies, or use a mobile chronicle when we content SCHOOL to Target during 827438.

4. Shop online for a discerning and easy propagandize supply selling experience

If we are pulpy for time or if wish to equivocate a crazy behind to propagandize territory of a large box stores, we can always place your sequence online. Many of a retailers are charity giveaway shipping with a min squeeze order. After perplexing to place my kids propagandize reserve sequence online regulating, and, we felt that a simplest, many user-friendly knowledge was with They are charity giveaway shipping and earnings and we can skip a crazy propagandize supply territory in a store entirely. Online is one place we can let your kids assistance out in selecting colors for folders, etc. and suppose their faces when all their reserve uncover adult in a good finished box subsequent week.

Eva Fry is a internal grocery pricing and assets expert. She manages a giveaway grocery cost comparison app uGrocery and grocery sale and banking match-up site Consumers can emanate their possess offered lists for comparison with a giveaway ikonomo or uGrocery account.

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