Selfies, Socks, and School Supplies: Young Professionals Take On Scavenger Hunt for a Good Cause

June 17, 2018 - School Supplies

There was a boost of selfie-taking in Huntington Village on Thursday night. Thanks to clues crafted by a Huntington Chamber of Commerce, groups of immature professionals sum organisation building, exercise, and Huntington believe to contest for a pretension of Scavenger Hunt Champion.

Teams began a dusk by checking in during a Chamber Office on Main Street. They any forsaken off donations of propagandize reserve (which would fuel their indicate total, during one indicate per item) and perceived their initial clue.

To acquire points, organisation members had to take a organisation selfie during any clue’s ensuing location. Bonus points could be combined by completing special hurdles (like holding selfie with a America’s Mattress sheep or with a unicorn conduct during Paper Doll Curiosity Shoppe) and creation purchases during a scavenger hunt locations.

John’s Crazy Socks kicked off a scavenger hunt, with one organisation done adult of group (Furious 6), and another done adult of women (Mighty Morphin Sock Ranglers). A organisation from a YMCA began their hunt next, followed by Zimmerman Edelson Inc. An collision on a Long Island Expressway behind a start time of a final organisation (self-declared “Team Too Late”), though given points were awarded formed on successful selfies, propagandize supplies, and explanation of purchases from a scavenger hunt locations, speed was not a priority.

The scavenger hunt clues led a Young Professionals from a starting plcae during a Huntington Chamber of Commerce, to Digho, Black Blue, Mac’s Steakhouse, Honu, and Babalu.

At Honu, a Zimmerman Edelson organisation perceived their point-boosting check usually to comprehend that a few of their drinks had been left off a receipt. The organisation flagged down a barkeeper and asked that a equipment be combined to a assign — a barkeeper laughed as he said, “That’s a first!”

Brian Yudewitz, authority of a Board of Directors, said, The scavenger hunt “really helps a internal businesses, and brings in lots of propagandize supplies.” He was right.

According to Courtney Bynoe, a Chamber’s associate executive director, purchases done by a teams totaled over $2,000, and propagandize supply donations exceeded 300 items. All donated equipment will be put toward a Scott Martella 2018 “Supply Our Students” Drive, that was set adult in memory of Scott Martella. Martella was a Young Professional who was killed in a automobile pile-up dual years ago. He was dedicated to assisting those reduction fortunate, and his family orderly a supply expostulate in his honor.

The night resolved during Six Harbors Brewing Company, where teams mingled and final scores were tallied. In a end, a Mighty Morphin Sock Ranglers came out on top, (much to a third-placing Furious 6’s chagrin). The organisation was awarded with bragging rights, and a believe that they were in a Huntington-know!

To find out some-more about a Scott Martella 2018 Supply Our Students Drive, revisit The expostulate will sojourn open until Aug.1.

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