Second Baptist’s J.A.M. method replenishes propagandize reserve for Helping Hands

January 22, 2017 - School Supplies

Children in Second Baptist Church of Aiken’s girl method schooled a doctrine in pity Saturday during Helping Hands.

For several weeks, children in a church’s J.A.M. ministry, that stands for Jesus and Me, collected book bags, notebooks, pencils and paper to feed propagandize reserve for a open division for residents of Helping Hands.

“We’re perplexing to learn a children ways to give behind to a community,” pronounced a Rev. Charles Matthews, one of a ministers during Second Baptist, who works with J.A.M. “We know that in Aug everybody is giving out propagandize supplies, so we motionless to give them out in midyear. This year is a initial time we’ve finished it, though we devise to make it an annual project.”

The J.A.M. volunteers also brought pizza for a residents.

J.A.M. is for children ages 3 to 13 and meets on a second, third and fourth Sundays of a month.

Matthews pronounced Second Baptist and a comparison pastor, a Rev. Douglas Slaughter, are committed to children by a J.A.M. ministry.

“Rev. Slaughter can see a destiny for a kids,” Matthews said.

Mathews pronounced a plan not usually teaches children a definition of giving behind though also provides them a opposite viewpoint on other people.

“It’s really critical for a children since it gives them a clarity that there are other folks who are reduction advantageous and we’re means to assistance and yield services to them,” he said.

The goal of Helping Hands is “enriching a peculiarity of life and contentment of children, girl and families in need by a continuum of residential and community-based services in sequence to urge their health, eccentric vital skills, educational outcomes, and/or resilience,” according to a website during

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