School reserve snapped adult during Augusta Elks Lodge’s giveaway

August 26, 2017 - School Supplies

AUGUSTA — The internal Elks Lodge was awaiting to accept about 150 families when it non-stop a doors Saturday morning to palm out backpacks, notebooks, pencils and other propagandize supplies, yet around double that series showed adult for a giveaway. Within 45 minutes, some forms of reserve had already been swept up.

“The audience has been unbelievable,” pronounced Mike Michaud, prominent ruler of a Augusta Elks Lodge. “We knew there was a need for this in a community. We didn’t comprehend how most of a need, and what a families need to get kids behind to school. … We’re already using out of stuff.”

A volunteer, left, hands a pencil to a tyro during a trek and propagandize reserve giveaway on Saturday during Augusta Elks Lodge.

People select backpacks and other propagandize reserve Saturday during a giveaway during a Augusta Elks Lodge.

A line stretches opposite a parking lot during a Augusta Elks Lodge before a doorway non-stop for a trek and propagandize reserve giveaway on Saturday.


Families who came to a giveaway shaped a line outward a categorical opening to a Elks Lodge, stretching all a approach to a ball margin during a behind finish of a property, and several pronounced they were beholden for a outreach.

Tyler Dumas, 14, of Augusta will shortly enter a eighth class during Cony Middle School and pronounced a reserve would assistance in all his classes – generally his favorite subject, science.

“I take a lot of notes,” Dumas said. “This is really useful if we need propagandize reserve and we don’t have adequate income to go out and get them.”

The giveaway was a initial of what a Augusta Elks Lodge hopes will turn an annual event. The eventuality was partly saved by a $1,500 extend from a inhabitant Elks organization. A series of internal groups also donated reserve and funds.

Given a vast audience on Saturday morning, “Next year, we’re going to make certain it’s a lot bigger,” pronounced Michaud, whose wife, Lina, was president of a event. “We were formulation for 100 to 150 (families to come). We blew that right out of a water.”

He estimated that 300 or 400 families had come on Saturday.

Prior to a event, Michaud pronounced a idea of a giveaway was to supply children from needy families for success in a propagandize year ahead, yet all families were welcome.

“These are simple equipment kids need to have for school,” Michaud said. “But, trust it or not, a lot of kids in these communities start propagandize with zero yet a shirt on their backs. Close to 50 percent of kids going to schools in a city of Augusta are during or underneath a misery level. So there is a clear need for these things, to give these kids a fighting chance.”

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