School reserve rolling in for Stuff a Bus campaign

June 15, 2015 - School Supplies

Children in Jackson and George Counties will shortly have some-more propagandize reserve to assistance them make a grade. The United Way “Stuff a Bus” debate starts Monday, Jun 15. 

Walmart stores in Jackson and George Counties will be collecting donations. You can also dump off donations during any Singing River Federal Credit Union or Navigator Credit Union locations. The expostulate will run by Jul 31.

Stuff a Bus partners would like to plea a village to convene friends, co-workers and neighbors to collect pencils, pens, turn notebooks, cover paper, markers, scissors, slot folders, three-ring binders, colored pencils, glue sticks, rulers and other equipment in support of this propagandize supply drive. 

A list of a equipment indispensable will be posted during any participating plcae and can also be found on

“There are many children whose families might not be means to yield all their child needs for propagandize and that many teachers strech low into their pockets any year in an try to yield for those children, this is the approach to step adult to assistance the community,” pronounced Carolyn Moore, Chief Executive Officer for United Way for Jackson and George Counties.

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