School reserve offering to executive Florida students in need

August 14, 2015 - School Supplies

Mary Coats famous a need in a village for propagandize reserve and motionless to do something about it.

“No backpacks, (in the) winter time, no coats. So, we suspicion these kids might need other items. These kids might not be means to means them,” pronounced Coats.

Coats partners with businesses like a Bear Team with Keller Williams, that serves as a drop-off plcae for propagandize supplies.

“It helps a kids that are in need of items, like propagandize supplies, that a relatives can’t get.  It helps a teachers. Teachers have to go buy a supplies,” pronounced Coats.”

Coats pronounced she realizes a reserve can change lives. She remembers one sold encourage child.

“She started crying, and we asked her what was wrong,” pronounced Coats. “She said, ‘I can’t trust there’s people out there that wish to assistance people like me.’ we started crying, a caseworker started crying, since a approach she felt. It was sad, though it was good that she knew there were people out there that wish to help.”

Coats helps a village in several ways.

“When we take a backpacks in, we fill them with propagandize supplies,” pronounced Coats.

For 8 years, she’s been operative with schools to give a students a boost.

“I only feel good about assisting other people,” Coats.

On Saturday, 9 Family Connection is hosting a Back to School Bash during a Citrus Bowl, starting during 10 a.m.
Backpacks, propagandize reserve and medical checkups will be supposing for 10,000 students.

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