School reserve indispensable to assistance students impacted by Hurricane Harvey

September 19, 2017 - School Supplies

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) – Thousands of backpacks were purchased to assistance kids in one of a areas strike hardest by Hurricane Harvey, and now a village is being asked to assistance fill those bags.

The Rocky Mountain Honda Dealer Association purchased 2,500 backpacks to send to schools in Dickinson, TX. The Honda dealers are seeking for support from a internal village to stop by their nearest Honda dealership and assistance fill a backpacks with propagandize reserve for a children in need. The concession duration runs from now until Sept. 30.

60 percent of a homes in Dickinson were flooded by Hurricane Harvey and many families mislaid everything. Dickinson’s race is a small some-more than 20,000 and 90 percent of a students in a district are on a giveaway or reduced lunch program. Fortunately, usually one area propagandize postulated poignant repairs and a students have returned to propagandize though they are still in need of essential items. The vigilant is for a backpacks and propagandize reserve to be one reduction thing for those families influenced to worry about as they start a routine of rebuilding.

You can dump off reserve during a Freedom Honda dealership, 4955 New Car Dr. in Colorado Springs

Requested supplies:
No. 2 Pencils
Pink Bevel Erasers
Plastic Pencil Boxes
Plastic Pencil Pouch w/zipper
Crayons (16, 24 count)
Washable Markers
Composition Books
Notebooks Wide-Ruled
Glue Sticks, Elmer’s White Glue
5” Blunt and Pointed Scissors
Ear buds or Headphones
Erasable Ballpoint Red, Blue and
Black Pens
Rulers with prevalent and metric
3-Ring Binders
Tissues, Paper Towels
Hand Sanitizers, Hand Soap
Wet Wipes
Folders with pockets with and
without brads
Colored Pencils
Package of 200 sheet, 3-holed
notebook paper (wide ruled)
Lunch Box or Bag
Assorted Construction Paper
Pencil Sharpener
Subject Dividers
Low Odor Dry Erase Markers
Heavy Duty Poly Portfolio
Index Cards
Visa Gift Cards

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