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October 30, 2015 - School Supplies

Title we schools in Richmond County take $500 check to a bank and store most indispensable propagandize supplies.
Title we schools in Richmond County take $500 check to a bank and store most indispensable propagandize supplies.

Augusta, GA – Some Richmond County teachers can worry reduction about a collection they need to educate.  Amerigroup Community Care of Georgia delivered propagandize reserve to 4 Richmond County Schools. Teachers during Meadowbrook Elementary School, Barton Chapel Elementary School, Diamond Lakes Elementary School and Southside Elemenatary School all perceived reserve by a “Teacher Supply Closet” program. The medical organisation also awarded any propagandize a $500 check to assistance with other expenses.

“Title we schools are schools in a apocalyptic need for resources. Whether it be propagandize reserve or financial needs, they’re always in need. we speak to relatives as good as village leaders all a time about how can we make a difference,” pronounced Lisa Rouse, Marketing Account Manager.

The Amerigroup Community Outreach Vehicle will make 39 stops around a Peach State with $15,000 value of supplies, final in early November.

“As a former teacher, we know how most income is spent on propagandize reserve each year,” pronounced Fran Gary, devise president, Amerigroup Georgia. “We repack a backpacks for students and families during a propagandize year, but Amerigroup’s Teacher Supply Closet was combined to yield schools and teachers with some help, so they can stay focused on a vicious charge of educating and caring for the kids.”

Amerigroup Georgia helps urge health caring entrance and peculiarity for some-more than 375,000 low-income Georgians by building innovative caring government programs and services. Members are positive caring that is not usually accessible, though also accountable, comprehensive, integrated and patient-centered. Amerigroup Georgia provides ongoing village family and overdo to inspire members to turn active participants in their health care. Through health preparation programs, members are empowered to select and means a healthy lifestyle.

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