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August 3, 2017 - School Supplies

LUMBERTON — More than 40 volunteers and employees of a Public Schools of Robeson County worked a outrageous public line via a day Wednesday stuffing thousands of bags with propagandize reserve and materials for a propagandize district’s Back to School Celebration.

Truck after lorry of propagandize materials were unloaded during a Southeastern North Carolina Agricultural Events Center for a event. The jubilee is a Public Schools of Robeson County’s largest event. Administrators are awaiting some-more than 20,000 students, parents, volunteers and village members to attend a eventuality today.

It will be from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. during a events core on U.S. 74. Each propagandize in a district will have a counter during a celebration. Translators will be on palm to support families.

As staff members unboxed new equipment to supplement to a line, Ruby Campbell and Grace Smith stood shoulder low in propagandize paper as they pressed it into bags.Campbell and Smith both have volunteered during all of a back-to-school celebrations.

“I have been here each year; a day they ready and a day that they give away,” Campbell said. “I consider it is only extraordinary that they will do this for a children since some relatives are not means to buy all of this things that they get in those bags and buy book bags. You couldn’t ask for anything improved for a children and a parents.”

The jubilee gives students a possibility to start a new propagandize year with classroom reserve and accommodate their propagandize principal.

Amy Haigler is coordinator of a Parent-Student Center, that is a event’s host. Haigler has orderly a jubilee for 7 years.

“After a hurricane, this has been an generally tough year on a families,” Haigler said. “I have been astounded during a continued series of donations for a district. We know starting propagandize this year will be some-more than severe for some students. While they are out of a hotels and that is a good thing, some are still replaced from their homes.”

Haigler says a district is advantageous that businesses, sponsors, PSRC employees and some-more than 200 volunteers give of their time to make certain a eventuality runs smoothly, Haigler said. The volunteers pierce a thousands of relatives and students by a farmers marketplace in a 10- to 15-minute process. That includes picking adult a supplies, assembly with propagandize staff and picking adult a few snacks.

This year, a students will accept a blue filigree book bag. Students who attend a jubilee eventuality also will accept cover paper, activity books, crayons, markers, note cards, gummy pads, coloring pencils and books. Parents will accept a bag, notebooks, calendar and an umbrella.

Marissa Capps assimilated 4 staff members from a United Way of Robeson County in volunteering to things a propagandize bags.

“This is a initial time we have assisted with this project,” pronounced Capps, a new connoisseur of Lumberton High. “Helping kids is critical to United Way and as a high propagandize connoisseur it is flattering cold to see how things work behind a scene. we devise to stay all day.”

The reserve are really value a wait to ready students, Haigler said.

“We are beholden to be means to assistance a students be prepared for a successful year. We are beholden to many village partners that contributed during these formidable times,” she said.

By Tasha Oxendine

Tasha Oxendine is a orator for a Public Schools of Robeson County.

Tasha Oxendine is a orator for a Public Schools of Robeson County.

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