School reserve choice medicine to provide training problems and anxiety

October 29, 2015 - School Supplies

Ayurvedic medicine sole during a Maharishi centrel in Reservoir. Photo: supplied

A private primary propagandize has been provision students with choice medicines to provide anxiety, behavioural issues and training difficulties.

The Maharishi School in Reservoir, that teaches otherworldly meditation, has a centre on a drift that sells Ayurvedic herbal medicine from India.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration reliable that it visited a propagandize in 2012 as partial of an investigation.

Parents told The Age they were called into meetings during a propagandize and prescribed drops, oils and teas to provide their children’s ailments.

Louise Jade, a former primogenitor during a school, pronounced she was called into a assembly last  year and sole herbal drops for her son.

“They were sole to us by a school. They were prescribed to make him reduction active. The propagandize pronounced he was irascible and they had to ease him down. They also prescribed a diet, to have no heat, no onions or garlic or chilli or spicy, zero too tasty.”

Ms Jade took her son out of a propagandize progressing this year since she was unfortunate with a approach they labelled her son as problematic. “He’s a normal kid,” she said.

Another primogenitor pronounced her children were prescribed spices and oils to help with their “emotional outbursts”. She was educated to massage a oil on their skin. 

“I didn’t feel gentle giving a spices to my children. we didn’t wish to do it. we wasn’t certain what they were. we suspicion some amicable work or a clergyman competence be some-more beneficial.”

A TGA orator pronounced they spoke to Dr Larry Clarke, who is married to a school’s principal and ran an Ayurvedic importing business.

The TGA orator pronounced they ensured Dr Clarke complied with promotion mandate set out in a Therapeutic Goods Act 1989.

It is accepted that Dr Clarke also organised for parcels of herbal medicine to be sent to a homes of people in a propagandize community.

A orator for a propagandize pronounced Dr Clarke late from a propagandize house final week and all positions compared with a school. They pronounced he had sealed his Ayurvedic business “some weeks ago”. 

Principal Frances Clarke pronounced a TGA visited a propagandize in blunder and a propagandize did not sell Ayurvedic products or herbal medicine.

“Ayurveda products are accessible after hours when clients of a Vedic Centre, including propagandize parents, are means to squeeze them.”

An Education Department orator pronounced a state’s propagandize watchdog- a Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority- does not umpire what schools can sell.

“Under a VRQA’s smallest standards, schools have to benefit parental accede before to giving students medicines and a like,” he said.

One third of a school’s students are leaving this year.




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