School is ‘gifted’ by Lions Club with indispensable supplies

November 19, 2014 - School Supplies

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The Prescott Valley Church of a Nazarene and a Prescott Valley Lions Club adopted Mountain View Elementary School this year, and volunteers helped with a school’s Book Fair and supposing cards and a honeyed provide to all staff on their birthdays. They also give money, squeeze propagandize supplies, and assistance whenever needed.

On Oct. 30, Christmas came early with gifts galore from a Lions Club. Members over a wishes of staff by shopping indispensable items, including a fan for a cafeteria staff, duplicate paper, combination books, markers, electric pencil sharpeners, and other equipment too extensive to list.

Thanks go out to Diana Elliot from a Nazarene Church for dropping off a goodies and seeking what a propagandize needs. Another appreciate we goes out to Gloria Grose and Marnie Uhl for organizing a event, as good as Jim Riley, Milly and Bill Underwood, and Bruce Riley for delivering all a supplies.

“Having outward organizations display support unequivocally has been a outrageous spirit upholder for a staff proof that it unequivocally does take a encampment to lift a child!” pronounced MVES Principal JoAnne Bindell.

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