Santa Fe Students Raise Money To Buy School Supplies For Gainesville Schools

October 10, 2015 - School Supplies

Santa Fe’s Phi Theta Kappa is lifting income to yield facile propagandize students from low-income families with propagandize supplies.”While a expostulate is doing what we can to make a difference, it’s an emanate that is unending,” David Fortier said. Natasha Zapata / WUFT News

Not each child in Gainesville has a required collection to attain in school, and a internal respect multitude section is operative to change that.

David Fortier, a tyro during Santa Fe College, beheld a need for propagandize reserve for low-income families vital in easterly Gainesville. In and with Phi Theta Kappa, an general respect society, Fortier motionless to classify a expostulate to assistance assuage this problem.

The 2013 U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey shows one out of each 4 children in Gainesville lives in poverty.

Fortier pronounced he went online to research schools to attend in a expostulate and found that schools in a area of easterly Gainesville that are strike a hardest.

When he spoke to a schools’ superintendence counselors, he listened stories of families that could not means to yield their kids with backpacks or even purify underwear.

“There is a need for a village to step in and assistance lift a peculiarity of life for these kids,” Fortier said.

The expostulate focuses on 3 schools: Charles W. Duval Elementary School, Howard W. Bishop Middle School and Abraham Lincoln Middle School, all of that have aloft percentages of students receiving giveaway or reduced lunch.  

Mallory Becker, partner principal for curriculum during Lincoln Middle, pronounced in a community, there are a lot of parents who are operative dual or 3 jobs usually to yield food, preserve and wardrobe for their families.

“School reserve kind of tumble to a side since there are things that are most some-more critical than carrying propagandize paper,” she said.

When families aren’t means to yield a reserve to their children, Becker pronounced a propagandize is mostly responsible, though it’s not a partial of their budget.

“They usually can’t means to give reserve to each singular student, so we’re constantly seeking people in a village to assistance us out since we wish to make certain a kids have all they need to get a preparation they deserve,” Becker said. “Every clergyman can usually do so much.”

Becker pronounced they have a understanding Parent Teacher Association that works tough to lift additional money, though “it doesn’t even hold a aspect of what we unequivocally need.”

This is where Fortier and Phi Theta Kappa can make a difference.

Fortier set adult a GoFundMe page that raised more than $500 in dual weeks. He close down a page on Thursday due to a Oct. 15 deadline for purchasing supplies, though he is still collecting supports and supplies.

“We’ve also perceived supply donations,” he said. “Along with a income and a bake sale we will be carrying on Friday during Santa Fe, it’s going to be an additional around $1,500.”

Gabriella Groger, 19, who is also a member of Phi Theta Kappa, pronounced she was meddlesome in assisting since she knows what a like to not have propagandize supplies.  Groger grew adult with 7 siblings, and propagandize reserve always ran short.

“To consider there are children that don’t even have anything, it was something that we could bond with privately by experience,” she said.

Groger pronounced she thinks the children will be desirous to work harder in school because of a donations.

“They will be encouraged to do good since other people worked to yield them with propagandize materials they didn’t have,” Groger said.

Fortier pronounced when he started seeking schools about their need for supplies, he was unknowingly of how bad a conditions unequivocally was.

“If there’s a child that will no longer have to lift his things in his arms, that’s unequivocally a pushing force behind operative so tough to get this done,” Fortier said.

The reserve will be forsaken off during a schools on Nov. 4.

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