SANBE propagandize reserve fundraiser

June 14, 2015 - School Supplies

The St. Anthony New Brighton Education Foundation (SANBE) has orderly a propagandize reserve fundraiser for grades entering K-8 for a 2015-16 propagandize year.

SANBE will yield students and families with cost effective, high quality, name code pre-packaged propagandize reserve and during a same time, lift supports for a organization. SANBE’s goal is to yield additional financial support for teachers and staff in a form of grants, that move artistic programs and innovative methodologies to a classroom. This fundraiser supports SANBE’s efforts to continue providing profitable appropriation for a St. Anthony-New Brighotn School District.

Order exclusively online by Aug. 7 during (school #106694) or go to

Individuals can also present new, in-the-package propagandize reserve they do not have a need for, and SANBE will make certain they finish adult with kids who need them.

Info: Email [email protected], call 612-220-6342 or go to

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