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October 2, 2017 - School Supplies

FRUITA, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)– Students in District 51 are reminding us of their classmates who are still replaced since of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

They are bustling collecting toys and propagandize reserve to assistance them get behind on track.

Rim Rock Elementary was one of a schools to win a singular not edible, propagandize supply arrangement in a figure of a cake behind in September.

They motionless not to keep it for themselves though to send it to students who need it many and that’s what started their mission.

“To make them happy and smile,” pronounced 2nd grader during Rim Rock Elementary Beckett Vanwhy.

The Fruita students are collecting all kinds of propagandize supplies.

“Crayons, scissors, cover paper, books, anything that we would need during propagandize since they have mislaid everything,” pronounced 2nd category clergyman Teresa Myers.

To send to their adopted 2nd category category during Ursula Stephens Elementary propagandize in Texas.

“Because they mislaid all they had and we wish to uncover some consolation so they can be happy.”

using this as a training lesson,” pronounced Vanwhy.

“Part of second category is to learn consolation partial of a habits of mind is to use consolation and put ourselves in somebody else’s shoes,” pronounced Myers.

Rim Rock Elementary 2nd graders have already sent boxes full of pressed animals and books.

“Like a toys that we don’t need during home and we are giving them away,” pronounced Vanwhy.

Along with a print of a category and palm created notes.

“So they didn’t go buy new toys they found some that they felt like they could give divided and they suspicion about how it would feel to be in a whirly or remove your home,” pronounced Myers.

The 2nd graders giving has spread, now kindergarten and 1st graders are collecting propagandize reserve for their adopted propagandize in Texas.

“We are propitious here in Colorado that we don’t have hurricanes and we wish to learn them that carrying consolation and putting ourselves in their boots helps us know how other people feel,” pronounced Myers.

They already sent toys and books final Monday and will send reserve in dual weeks’ time.

It’s not only a students that can present though we can also move your reserve to a school.

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