Resolve your parking tickets by donating propagandize supplies

June 6, 2018 - School Supplies

The Las Vegas City Council authorized a new module that will concede those released non-public reserve parking tickets by a city’s Parking Services Division to compensate their excellent by donating propagandize supplies.

The School Supplies for Tickets module allows those released tickets between Jun 10 and Jul 10 to make a concession instead of profitable a fine. City of Las Vegas Parking Enforcement will collect a donations and will benefaction a reserve to Project 150 during 2 p.m. Monday, Aug. 13, during a Parking Services Office located during 500 S. Main St.

Project 150 is a internal 501(c)3 nonprofit free classification that focuses on homeless and other exposed high-school students. The donations will advantage high-school students ages 13 to 17 and will be distributed only in time for a 2018-19 propagandize year.

Drivers can select to solve a sheet by providing a apportion of new propagandize reserve of equal or larger value to a sheet fine. To participate, drivers have to move a parking ticket, propagandize reserve and a sales receipt for a propagandize supplies.

The following open reserve and handicap-related parking tickets are released from a program:

  • Any handicap-related violation
  • Red curb
  • 18” from curb
  • Blocking alley
  • No parking areas
  • Fire lane/hydrant
  • Traffic hazard
  • No stopping/no standing
  • Sidewalk
  • Double parking
  • Too tighten to intersection, crosswalk or stop/yield sign
  • Bike lane
  • Blocking or confronting traffic

Below is a list of excusable donations:

  • Heavy-duty backpacks
  • 1′-2′ binders
  • 8GB or aloft peep drive
  • College-ruled turn notebooks
  • Black ink pens
  • Highlighters
  • Mechanical or #2 pencils
  • Erasers
  • Pocket folders
  • Scientific calculators
  • Binder pouches
  • Dividers
  • College-ruled packs of paper
  • Combination locks

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