Red Apple Supplies Invites Teachers to Shop for Free School Supplies

April 3, 2016 - School Supplies

By CRA News Service

Teachers during some Palm Beach County Title 1 schools now have a special eventuality to batch their classrooms with giveaway reserve and equipment they need via a propagandize year, prolonged after their strange register has been emptied.

Everything from pencils, crayons and duplicate paper are what these teachers, who need them a most, can get for their classrooms, and are now conveniently contained in this tiny store dubbed Red Apple Supplies.

“Our idea is to assistance as many classrooms probable as fast as we can,” pronounced Christina Lambert, CEO and boss of a Education Foundation of Palm Beach County. “Our expansion devise calls for us to start small, though we are anxious to be portion 9 schools this spring, twice as many as we expected.”

Red Apple Supplies is a plan of a Education Foundation, a non-profit organization, which helps to account programs of a School District by partnerships with village leaders, businesses and a philanthropic communities. It is stocked by wholly donated goods.

The module is being run from dual commander schools in West Palm Beach until a new permanent plcae opens adult on Florida Avenue. Teachers in a Glades area can emporium during dual internal schools so they don’t have to come to a easterly seashore to shop, pronounced Laura Bessinger-Morse, module officer for a Education Foundation of Palm Beach County.

Organizers and teachers contend all of a reserve will specifically advantage students during a 134 Title 1 schools in Palm Beach County. One hundred and thirty 4 of a county’s 185 open schools are deliberate Title 1, that meant 50 percent of a students are on giveaway or reduced lunches.

The Foundation recently hold a soothing launch, attended by about 40 guests, house members and staff. The eventuality gave a village a possibility to try a giveaway propagandize supply store before teachers were means to start ‘shopping’ in March.

“We perceived a certain response to a program, listened good ideas from a guests, and enjoyed conversations about a store’s destiny expansion and use goals,” Lambert said.

Teachers are authorised to lapse once each month to get more, that many contend is a lifesaver.

Red Apple Supplies is commencement a operation with a tiny series of top needs schools and will build a use ability annually.

For some-more information on a Red Apple Supplies and how we can volunteer, present or supply donations, call 561-434-7303 or visit

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