Publix gathers propagandize reserve for Lee County teachers

September 28, 2016 - School Supplies


From pencils to paper to crayons, volunteers unpacked 1.2 million propagandize reserve Wednesday morning for Lee County School teachers. 

The campaign, “Tools for Schools,” was put on by Publix, who collected a donations from shoppers.

“I remember being a assistant and seeking people how do we wish to present for Tools for Schools, and it was unequivocally neat feeling that we got,” pronounced worker Elizabeth Garner. 

The district has over 5,500 teachers, and an additional 1,600 paraprofessionals to teach students.

“If we don’t teach and supply now, we’re not gonna have a good county after on,” pronounced Publix store manager, Buddy Kubesh. 

All of a reserve are totally giveaway to teachers, who will have a event to collect them adult in a few weeks. 

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