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March 12, 2017 - School Supplies

Parent impasse is a pivotal to a success of Lawton Public School’s Johnson-O’Malley program, pronounced Pam Fodder, LPS Indian Education coordinator. 

The module was famous as an Exemplary Program by a Area Education Office of a sovereign Department of a Interior’s Bureau of Indian Education during a Feb. 16 Lawton Board of Education assembly by Superintendent Tom Deighan. 

“I keep removing a congratulations, though it is not usually me,” Fodder said. The program, that assists Native American students with informative and scholarly needs “would not exist if it weren’t for a parents.”

The Johnson O’Malley program, that has been around given 1934, had usually 300 students in 2013. Currently, reduction than a year after a program’s agreement focus was authorized by a district, it has 820 students with 29 some-more pending, Fodder said. 

Providing assistance

The module provides propagandize supplies, bar fees, books during book fairs, vouchers for dual sets of a mutated dress formula uniforms and a winter cloak for facile propagandize students as good as “tutors in a propagandize to work with a Native students” and “assist delegate students with peep drives and calculators,” she said. 

“We support a students with their singular needs since there are a lot of normal genealogical (customs) that still exist for a Native students that a lot of non-natives don’t understand,” Fodder said. 

A good instance is “if a child doesn’t demeanour during we true in a eye, it is not a pointer of disrespect  it is a pointer of respect,” she said. 

In a future, JOM hopes to assistance students some-more in a classroom. If a 2017 Budget Request to Congress from a National Indian Education Association (NIEA) is approved, a module might have some-more funding.

Over a years, a sovereign income for any Native tyro in JOM has been roughly cut in half  from $125 per tyro in 1995 to reduction than $63.80 per tyro during mercantile year 2016, according to NIEA. Those JOM supports “are mostly a usually source by that Native students  including those in open schools  can rivet in simple preparation activities. Tribal nations ask additional supports to boost a stream per tyro allocation to prior levels and ready for tyro count increases in destiny years.”

Fodder pronounced she remembers receiving services from JOM as a child. 

Although a JOM module did exist as an outward entity or private module in Lawton, it wasn’t underneath agreement with LPS until 2016. 

“They serviced a Lawton schools that enclosed Flower Mound and Bishop,” she said. 

Around a time Fodder took over coordinating a district’s Title VII Indian Education module in 2000 until 2013, a JOM module was not means to yield as many services. The JOM executive left, and nonetheless some relatives attempted to keep it going on their possess providing services to some of a students, fewer were being serviced.

In 2013, an email from a primogenitor alerted Fodder to a fact that not all students in a district were removing services from a JOM program. Fodder contacted a Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) in Oklahoma. 

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