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September 20, 2015 - School Supplies

I cruise it’s healthy to demeanour for all-new solutions to common problems, though when it comes to back-to-school burnout, infrequently a elementary ascent is all we and your kids unequivocally need. No, we’re not reinventing a circle here, though this year there are a handful of intelligent propagandize reserve that have developed in new and useful ways.


The OmieBox ($49) could unequivocally good be a world’s initial intelligent lunch box. There’s no flashing LED lights or digital touchscreens here, though it does one thing — well, dual things — really, unequivocally well. This imagination food receptacle keeps prohibited dishes prohibited and cold things cool, and it can even lift off that pretence when both dishes are stored right subsequent to any other.

The heart of a box is food class immaculate steel, that is afterwards opening hermetic in BPA-free cosmetic for a contingent of safe, insulated compartments that can lift all kinds of goodies. Packing healthy lunches that kids will indeed eat is a outrageous pain, that is partial of a reason this small box some-more than doubled a Kickstarter goal, and will shortly turn a cafeteria superstar. The bad news? You’ll have to wait to Dec to get it, since it’s already sole out and on behind order. Yep, it’s that great.

Power Pen

Goodbye #2 pencil! The Power Pen ($39) not usually promises to keep a ancient art of scratch alive, though it doubles as a backup smartphone battery too. You don’t even need a wire since a pier is connected to a pen.

The outward is durable brushed aluminum, and inside is a informed ballpoint essay implement, though that’s where a Power Pen ceases to be ordinary. Simply unscrew a tip to exhibit a sizeable 700mAh backup battery that can yield critical mobile energy on a moment’s notice. The tip of a coop even doubles as a accurate touchscreen stylus when retracted, vouchsafing your favorite tyro use their cursive skills both on paper and on a digital screen.

Backpacks with benefits

Before we send your small Quasimodo off with a trek that weighs some-more than they do, cruise that some-more than 7,000 kids are harmed any year interjection to overloaded backpacks, according to a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Airbac backpacks change a core of weight closer to a shoulders than a reduce back, helping posture, while Granite Gear‘s campus backpacks are designed high and slim instead of brief and vigourous – vouchsafing a bucket to be carried closer to a core of gravity. Both are good alternatives to a discount bin house bags you’ll find during your internal dialect store, and your kids’ backs will appreciate we in a prolonged run. Just remember, experts advise that no trek should import some-more than 10 percent of a weight of a child hauling it around.

Standing students

Office workers around a creation are already singing a praises of removing adult and relocating while working, and now that station table trend isn’t only attack a office, it’s gaining traction in schools, too.

Studies uncover kids are some-more intent when they mount instead of sitting all day, though only station still is officious unfit for many kids. For them, this skateboard-inspired chair choice from FluidStance is a wild, organic alternative.  The Level ($459) looks like a hoverboard, though a ultra-modern, sleekly-designed change house army a user to rivet their core and pierce their body. Oh who am we teasing – this one is totally for me.

Jennifer Jolly is an Emmy Award-winning consumer tech writer and horde of USA TODAY’s digital video uncover TECH NOW. E-mail her during Follow her on Twitter @JenniferJolly.

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