Prices of propagandize reserve to stay stable, says DTI

April 13, 2015 - School Supplies

MANILA, Philippines–Manufacturers and retailers have positive consumers that a prices of propagandize reserve will sojourn fast as a opening of a new propagandize year draws near.

In a matter released Monday, a Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) pronounced this was discussed in a assembly final week with manufacturers and traders in propagandize supplies.

“The DTI has confirmed open communication with a attention of propagandize reserve and we invariably plead their cost and supply conditions to turn a personification margin among them and to pledge their team-work in compelling consumer welfare,” Trade Undersecretary Victorio Mario A. Dimagiba said.

“In a meeting, a Philippine School Pad and Notebook Manufacturers Association Inc., National Bookstore, Bridges Bookstore (formerly Goodwill Bookstore) and Morayta Bookstore (formerly Merriam and Webster Bookstore) announced that their prices were a same this year compared to 3 years ago and they were not augmenting a prices of their products,” Dimagiba said.

The DTI, by a Consumer Protection and Advocacy Bureau (CPAB), asks a attention members a suggested sell prices (SRPs) of propagandize and bureau reserve yearly. The CPAB validates a SRPs opposite a cost of production, quite of tender materials.

Once a SRPs are acceptable, a DTI publishes a list of products with a brands and SRPs that will be a anxiety cost beam for distributors and retailers.

Among a propagandize reserve that are on a DTI list of simple and primary products and are frequently undergoing cost and supply monitoring are crayons, notebooks (composition, essay and spiral), pad paper (grades 1-4, intermediate), ballpoint pens and pencils.–Amy R. Remo

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