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September 1, 2015 - School Supplies

Anittah Patrick has been wheeling a small red car around to Philly tech companies to collect adult propagandize reserve for dual South Philly open schools.

Patrick used to work during Leadnomics and now runs her possess digital plan company, though before she entered a tech scene, she spent some time training math to center schoolers who were mostly poor. She was an undergrad during Yale then. She pronounced she’s creation it easy for tech companies to present propagandize reserve since it’s something she wished existed when she was too bustling to consider about these kinds of things.

She wrote in an email: “While building my career with 70+ hour weeks in NYC and really not training math in a open school, we would’ve desired if someone had emailed with, ‘I’ll come right to your bureau with a red car so we can present reserve to a open propagandize and write an enlivening note to a teachers or students.’”

She added: “A ream of paper from a .com won’t spin someone’s H2O behind on, though during slightest it can make propagandize that most some-more of a place of fun for any tyro whose family competence be battling a critical kinds of problems faced by so many families in Philadelphia.”

Patrick was behind a identical initiative during Leadnomics while she worked there.

Here’s Patrick with a small red car during Old City’s Mighty Engine, which donated supplies.

She’s donating a reserve to Kirkbride Elementary (she’s partial of a Friends of Kirkbride proffer group) and Jackson Elementary and is still doing pickups until finish of a day Thursday. She’s generally looking for reams of paper, record folders and index cards.

Tweet during her to get her to come by with a wagon.

You can also make a concession here.

So far, she’s picked adult reserve from 6 tech companies. Zivtech’s record folder concession got Patrick to 25 percent of her goal.

Center City’s Happy Cog came out clever with a paper towel donation.

South Philly students will be repping P’unk Ave.

South Philly’s Alphex donated some cash, too.


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