Pasco back-to-school gift risks using low on supplies

June 21, 2015 - School Supplies

Debi Shackowsky used to consternation how she was going to means propagandize reserve for her kids. Now her garage is full of backpacks. But 25 years ago she was a singular mom, in nursing school.

“For dual years we were in housing, vital off food stamps and tyro loans,” Shackowsky said. “There were others that were kind adequate to make certain my children had adequate for Christmas, behind to school, Thanksgiving, they were strangers who we don’t know to this day.”

She knew once her conditions changed, she would assistance others. Now she runs Marjorie’s Hope, and one of her biggest projects is collecting backpacks for Pasco County kids who need them.

“It’s not only backpacks,” Shackowsky told 8 on Your Side. “We also fill a behind packs with propagandize reserve and even personal hygiene products like shampoo and deodorant. If we don’t smell or demeanour purify we don’t have a possibility for amicable acceptance. We wish to make certain these kids aren’t bullied.”

Pasco County has one of a largest homeless populations in a state. For a initial year in some-more than dual decades, Shackowsky can’t perform all of her requests. She stopped during only some-more than 1,300 behind packs, a largest sequence ever. She’s disturbed she won’t be means to fill a bags she does have.

“We don’t wish any child who is in need to not receive,” Shackowsky said.

Shackowsky is assured she will get adequate backpacks, though stuffing them is still a challenge. The deadline to present is Aug 15. You can go to Marjorie’s Hope website to see how we can help.

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