Parker, Craig overdo helps supply clothing, food, propagandize equipment to students …

November 12, 2014 - School Supplies



Amy Venuti, left, and Deri Wahlert-Eastman are among a Parker High School staff members who assistance with a closet program. Wahlert-Eastman coordinates a program, that provides necessities such as food, clothing, propagandize reserve and toiletries to students in need. A closet module is also in place during Craig High School. Terry Mayer photo

JANESVILLE — When a Parker High School senior’s home was broken by a fire, they were blissful to know that a doors of a Parker closet module were open to help.
The tyro and his family perceived dishes, pots and pans and other indispensable equipment from a closet program.

The student, who didn’t wish to be named, still receives much-needed train tokens by a program.

“I would be a drop-out but a tokens,” he said.

Meeting simple needs is what a closet is all about, pronounced Deri Wahlert-Eastman, who serves as coordinator for a program, that provides equipment such as propagandize supplies, clothing, food, toiletries and present cards to students who need them.

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And a equipment are positively indispensable among Parker’s tyro body, Wahlert-Eastman said.

“Parker customarily has a top rate of homelessness of all a schools in a district,” she said. “I consider we were tighten to 70 homeless kids final year. We have about 25 right now.”

Another Parker student, a junior, pronounced he and his family have perceived several equipment from a closet program.

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