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July 20, 2015 - School Supplies

AUSTIN (KXAN) —  School is still a small some-more than a month away, though thousands of kids will batch adult on propagandize reserve this week.

The nonprofit group Manos De Cristo kicks off a annual Back-to-School Program Monday morning. The idea is to prepared 2,000 low-income students for a propagandize year with backpacks, reserve and clothing. Families started backing adult as early as 3:30 a.m. during Allan Elementary in East Austin to make certain they got a equipment indispensable for a initial day of class.

Families line adult for Manos de Cristo Back-to-school Program (Daniel Guerrero/KXAN)
Families line adult for Manos de Cristo Back-to-school Program (Daniel Guerrero/KXAN)

“My large thing is, a child should go to school, should feel excited, should be happy to be there on Day 1 and not go in feeling ashamed or feeling unhappy since they don’t have what they need,” pronounced Julie Ballesteros, executive executive of Manos De Cristo. “Because we taught in East Austin years ago, we saw that need, and we saw a demeanour in a child’s eyes when they came to propagandize and they weren’t prepared.”

Around 400 volunteers via a week will assistance pass out propagandize reserve to about 400 students a day. Ballesteros pronounced this year is opposite than others since they changed a plcae from a North Austin Event Center to Allan Elementary School in East Austin. Also, they usually have one week to supply 2,000 kids — compared to a dual weeks in a past.

“We could usually get a space for one week, so we’re doubling a effort,” pronounced Mary Alice Carnes, Manos de Cristo communications manager. “We’re to have utterly a series of people volunteering, assisting us offer 400 children a day — though a same joy, a same excitement, and substantially triple that since we’re going to be portion some-more children in a smaller volume of time.”

The propagandize reserve are formed on a Austin Independent School District propagandize supply list.

Back-to-School Program

  • Monday by Thursday 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Friday 8 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., while reserve last
  • Supplies from Pre-K by fifth grade
  • Allan Elementary School during 4900 Gonzales St.
  • Bus options: #4-Montopolis or #350 Airport Boulevard
  • Don’t need to move documentation.

The module cost around $70,000 and is corroborated by donations from a community, along with Covenant Presbyterian Church, a Maximus Foundation and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas.

“It’s one of a many heartwarming practice that we could ever knowledge as a donor to Manos de Cristo,” pronounced Carnes. “The cold thing about a Manos program: It’s like a kids are going selling for their possess stuff, and that’s a thing that brings grace and unequivocally a lot of confidence. It’s their stuff. As shortly as they get their stuff, and they’ve claimed it and it’s theirs, to see them bouncing out of a door; they’re prepared for school. It’s so heartwarming.”

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