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October 24, 2017 - School Supplies

Onalaska students boat thousands of…

ONALASKA, Wis. (WKBT) – When students during Irving Pertzsch Elementary in Onalaska saw what Hurricane Harvey did to Hopkins Elementary School in Victoria, Texas, they knew they had to help.

Working with a Library Media Center director, students spent a whole month collecting books, clothes, propagandize reserve and some-more to send to students influenced by a hurricane.

Fifth graders Addie and Kayla approached their Library Media Center executive with an idea:

“When paper gets wet, afterwards it kind of disintegrates, so we wanted to give them some books given we both value reading so we suspicion it would be so tough for us if that happens, not to be means to read.”

Library Media Center Director Mrs.Frie has friends in Houston and knows from their stories, how bad a conditions is.

Inspired by her students’ passion, she found a website that authorised her and a students to be helpers during a formidable time.

“I logged in and we pronounced I’m peaceful to assistance a classroom and we asked to be matched with a library.”

Mrs.Frie was matched with a librarian during Hopkins Elementary in Victoria, Texas.

Ever since, thousands of books, used wardrobe and propagandize reserve were shipped to a school, proof anyone can make a change, no matter how large or small.

“Even yet we competence be small we still do have some power,” Kayla said.

Mrs.Frie echoes that message.

“You competence be young, though if each singular one of we brought in one box of crayons and we sent those crayons to a students what would they comprehend and they pronounced oh good they would comprehend that somebody cares, that somebody’s meditative about them.”

Lessons are taught here each day, though this month’s doctrine competence final a lifetime.

“I consider they’re going to remember us as kind of like heroes, given we are giving them things so they can keep learning,” Addie said.

“I would wish that people would do a same thing for us that we did for them,” Kayla said.

Because shipping costs were too expensive, area association Fastenal motionless to present all of a boxes and a shipping down to Victoria, Texas.    

Mrs.Frie says she doesn’t consider their goal would have been probable but a company’s help.


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