Non distinction offers propagandize reserve to children in need

September 27, 2015 - School Supplies

A JMU tyro and a classification she founded supposing 60 backpacks filled with propagandize reserve to children in Harrisonburg’s Boys and Girls Club of America final Friday. 

Sarah Musa, a comparison nursing major, co-founded a nonprofit Prospect In Mummy’s Tummy, or PIMT for short, with her mother, Jestina Musa, in 2013. PIMT, that began May 16, 2014, is geared toward aiding impecunious mothers and children internationally by providing backpacks and propagandize reserve to children in need. The classification also gives bankrupt mothers baby reserve such as diapers, blankets, hosiery and thermometers in present baskets distributed as “baskets of love.”

In reduction than dual years, PIMT has donated 284 backpacks with reserve and 426 baskets of adore internationally to families in Gambia, Sierra Leone and Canada, as good as within a United States. 

This summer, Musa’s mom picked adult additional shifts during work to buy craft tickets for her and Musa to fly to Gambia, where they hold a advantage in a city hall. 

“We invited profound women, so when they came to a rite they perceived a basket of love,” Musa said.

The auditorium where a advantage took place Friday was packaged with kids all fervent and vehement to accept a backpacks. The kids lined adult as PIMT volunteers handed out a backpacks and were shouting and perplexing to confirm among themselves that tone bag they should get — their options were red, black or blue. Each bag contained several propagandize reserve including pens, pencils, sharpeners, rulers and erasers.

The success of Friday afternoon’s advantage has been one of many given a classification was founded. But while distributing reserve has been a fulfilling start, this is usually a commencement of PIMT’s endeavors. 

“Eventually a thought is to build schools and clinics in Sierra Leone and Gambia,” Musa said.

One of a primary motives for a growth of PIMT was a high birth deadliness rate in many third universe countries, privately Sierra Leone, where Musa lived until she was 10 before relocating to America. 

“At a finish of my sophomore year we had an talk and during a talk someone asked me, ‘Where do we see yourself in 10 years?’” Musa said. “I responded, saying, ‘I would like to build a clinic.’” 

Musa’s mother, was a vicious partial in moving Musa to pierce forward with a idea.

“[Musa] told me what she pronounced in a interview. we told her, ‘People are pang in Africa, and we need to do something and step up. Why wait 10 years?’” Jestina said. 

Musa’s passion for nursing has been elemental in formulating PIMT.

“I am meddlesome in labor and delivery,” Musa said. “I can see myself delivering babies [one day] since it is so sparkling for mothers to accept a spectacle of life.” 

According to Musa, in some countries, mothers are incompetent to have a healthy smoothness due to a miss of good health care. 

“Hopefully by this classification we will be means to assistance mothers by providing them with a assistance they need for protected delivery,” Musa said.

While Musa and her mom were in Gambia this past summer, they found a mark where they wish to build their initial smoothness hospital in a nearby future.

Musa and her mom have a duplicate thought for a organization: One thought is to yield medical to those but entrance to it, and a other is to support girls and concede them to get an preparation in areas where it is tough for them to do so.  

While a goals dawdle in a distance, Musa’s mom shares knowledge with her daughter by a poem she wrote, that is on a PIMT website, called “Step by step!” 

”We are not going to be means to get all finished right now, so it’s one step during a time,” Musa said. “One day during a time. Eventually all will get there, step by step.” 

PIMT is actively acid for donors to enhance a organization. In a meantime, a classification is reaching out to internal communities internationally and distributing a services. 

“We need financial assistance for us to expand,” Musa said. “As of now we have no donors, my mom is a one providing a funds.”  

Musa and her mom are not alone in acid for outward assistance, according to Symone V.L Bolden, a proffer with a organization. 

“We are all actively acid for sponsors, while Sarah is also looking to partner adult with organizations that understanding with child caring and babies,” Bolden said.

While a classification has achieved many of a strange goals, Musa has large skeleton for a future. 

“We wish to yield for a impecunious and get kids to trust in themselves,” Musa said. “We wish them to know someone is investing in them.”

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