Newbern Moose donates propagandize reserve to NES

November 5, 2016 - School Supplies


Newbern Elementary School recently perceived a concession of propagandize reserve from a Board of Moose Lodge #2707 of Newbern. The supplies, including pencils, paper, turn notebooks, erasers, palm sanitizer, Kleenex, and other several items, were presented to Newbern Elementarys Brenda Carter by Newbern Moose Trustee Jeff Griffin and Treasurer Keith Hardin.

All of a Moose members wanted to do a partial to help, pronounced Griffin. We feel like we need to assistance kids who might not have a reserve they need in a center of a propagandize year.

When asked because a Newbern Moose done their concession during this time of a propagandize year, Griffin responded, In a commencement of a propagandize year, many people present equipment and relatives and teachers buy what is on their [the students] propagandize list. We motionless to do it [the donation] in a center of a year to assistance restock a schools supply closet. There are kids who need reserve right now.

To a Newbern Moose members, Newbern Elementary binds a special place in their hearts.

Pretty most all of us grew adult in Newbern School, combined Griffin. We gave a concession to Brenda [Carter]. We went to propagandize together. we have a granddaughter that attends there now.

According to Griffin, donating propagandize reserve is something that he hopes that a Newbern Moose Lodge can accomplish during slightest a integrate times of year.

We are all about assisting a community, pronounced Griffin. If we can do a partial to assistance take some of a weight off of a teachers and relatives to where they dont have to keep spending their possess hard-earned money, while assisting a kids, too, afterwards the value it.

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